Friday, January 30, 2009

The Left Gets, Caused and Embraces the Crisis

From an opinion in the Wall Street Journal (January 30, 2009 P. A13)

"'Think Long' To Solve The Crisis"
By George P. Shultz

Mr. Shultz as brilliant as he is, doesn't get it. I don't believe the Left is stupid, so they understand that living beyond our national and personal means is a disaster beyond imagination for this country. But to them the current economic crisis is simply an opportunity to extend their power. Much of what Mr. Shultz writes is accurate from a reasonable, rational person's point of view, that we are in a crisis which will lead to a catastrophe; but in my opinion to the Left, it is an opportunity, as I wrote, to extend their power. It didn't start with a"prolonged period of Fed-provided, exceptionally easy money", it started with Franklin Delano Roosevelt's brilliant strategy of 1) segmenting voters and 2) buying each vulnerable segment. "People…behave more responsibly when they have…some 'skin in the game'". Well, Mr. Shultz, I hate to break this to you, but the Left since FDR has taken each group's skin out of the game by handing out skin in exchange for votes. There have been some ups and downs of this strategy, but generally it is working. After President Obama's almost certain changes to taxes, around half of voters won't pay anything to maintain their government (federal income taxes). Nothing. And almost everyone is financially dependent on the government; in essence they are paid in one way or another, to vote for Democrats. Rather than name the people and groups so dependent, I challenge anyone to describe on affinity group that isn't. So, understand, Mr. Shultz and "conservatives", there is no "wake-up call', there is little "skin in the game". It isn't from a "failure to deal adequately with clear problems" it is that liberals have purposely caused these problems and instead of the Left being punished for pushing this country into virtual-bankruptcy by being voted out, their newest leader is welcomed like a rock-star. America is so over!

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