Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Obama Revolution: America Down the Toilet

Since General Motors can't seem to sell cars, ditto Ford, Chrysler and others, President Obama will take tax money (borrowed from China in the short term) and bribe Americans to buy new cars. The one stupid proviso is that the gas mileage needs to be what he wants. Might be 17 mpg if you trade in one getting 15 mpg. Great green victory! $1 billion of cash spoken for in about a week. Does that end the program? Not on your life, add $2,000,000,000. This will make Obama look good the Third Quarter of 2009 and kill new car sales in the Fourth Quarter. This man is ridiculous and his thoughtless protection of union bosses is hurting America and Americans, as will be shown in the future. Central control of economies and manufacturing has never in history done anything but put dictators in power and destroy countries. USA next?

Here's the impact of Obama stimulus: states and cities spent $21 million on lobbying the Obama Administration for stimulus cash from April to June, 2009.

Here's the impact of Obama threatening healthcare takeover: the healthcare sector shot up to Number One of 10 major industries in attempting to buy influence from Congress and the Obama Administration with $133,000,000 in lobbying over the second quarter of 2009.

This week, from July 27 through July 31, the Treasury Department of the United States of America will pray. It needs to borrow $200,000,000,000 the most since 1985 -- nearly 25 years ago. Way to go Obama! You'd better get back to Rev. Wright's church. Will it be China? Will it be Russia? Will it be...just who will be buying America this week? And $200,000,000,000 is only a "down payment". With the deficit nearing $2,000,000,000,000 more will be needed.

The Obama Administration can't even get giving money away right. Its much haralded effort to reduce home foreclosures by strongarming mortgage and servicing firms is failing. It's a product of katrinazation, or excess governmental bureaucracy. Everyone involved seems to be confused so the Obama Administration has summoned 25 company executives to probably blame them for its own incompetency. (The Obama plan in essence bribes companies with taxpayer cash to reduce payments of people in trouble and others "at-risk" as they say.) The confusion and lengthy wait for final interim federal guidelines of hundreds of pages and differing messages contribute to the failure so far.

Here's the Obama philosophy. Industrial production down (13+%, lowest since the '40's), tax receipts down (23%), government spending up (18%), slower growth, jobs being shedded at record rates, non-government unemployment up, government jobs up. Regulations up, taxes up, minimum wage up. Legislate success, legislate wealth, legislate, legislate. And get the anti-trust going...who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of business?

And to that end, the Obama administration is being filled by union bosses, those verysame people who elected him. Joseph Main, 20-years in the United Mine Workers, will oversee the Mine Safety and Health Administration; Jordan Marab, advocate for Democrats and the AFL-CIO, will be #2 at OSHA.

[May 23, 2009: mortgage modifications don't work. The linchpin of Obama's recovery initiatives doesn't work. Fitch Ratings reports that between 65% and 75% of modified subprime pooled mortgages fall 60 days into delinquency within one year of modification. Ignorance reigns.]

When effective chief executive officers -- in the private-company sector -- newly take over, many generally take a few or six months to get a lay of the land before jumping in with changes. Not so the CEO of the United States, President Barack Obama; he jumped right in, yes, blindly. With no executive experience. And little knowledge of the free-enterprise system. He should read, listen and learn, but, of course he won't, being too self-absorbed to admit he doesn't know everything. America will suffer. America is suffering. Guatamala's experience resonates, see below: "Finally, a Real Revolution. California's experience managed by Democrats with similar ideological dogma also resonates, see below: "California Reckoning". With Obama's Change mantra, America is headed down the toilet.

"Finally, a Real Revolution" The Wall Street Journal, Monday, May 18, 2009, page A15.(
"California Reckoning" The Wall Street Journal, Monday, May 18, 2009, page A16 ( and
"Soak the Rich, Lose the Rich" The Wall Street Journal, same issue, page A 17 (

Riddle: what do those three articles have to do with one another?

Obama and FDR created revolutions. Hitler saved America before FDR's activities could sink America. What's with Obama? Can't he read history? Who will save America this time around?

California is an analog to what America will become. Democrats' spend to get re-elected, borrow then tax. And it drives out industry. Aerospace anyone? California had 140,000 aerospace workers in 1990; now? Under 40,000. Movies anyone? Q 1 2009 saw the lowest number of feature-film days of production ever measured. And, of course, unemployment in California is one of the nation's highest at 11.4%. On Tuesday, May 19, 2009, California voters resoundly vetoed this spend, borrow and tax approach that has virtually killed its competiveness and solvency. Voters said, "no"; they are the citizens of "no". But, of course they said, "no, almost 30 years ago with the Gann Amendment which limited the growth of California government spending. But later the politicians neutered it. And neutered California's growth. And the rest is history: lousy economic growth, hugely higher taxes which force out high-net-worth investors and companies, and a $21 billion deficit. California voters did pass limits to politicians' compensation.

Remember health insurance which priced policies based on ridiculous things like someone's health? No longer. Politicians get paid by constituents (campaign contributions) to add mandates for virtually everything under the sun, then some. And prices for insurance go up. Doesn't matter someone's health or personal risky activities. Now President Obama has appointed someone who does what health insurance companies used to do. Select out those people who do health-risky things like smoke and get fat. But through government action, and more government employees, not the free markets where individuals can choose and pay. The man, Thomas Frieden, also gives out free condoms, increased colon-cancer screenings (one diagnostic tool that Medicare is reducing because of cost. Hmmm. Who will win this one?) He banned french fries that are crisp (trans fats, once the answer to butter's high cholestrol).

"Silicon Valley Girds for New Antitrust Regime" The Wall Street Journal ("WSJ"), Monday, May 18, 2009, page B 1. ( Why would President Obama attack the most productive element of American society? I remember when the Clinton Administration filed an antitrust suit against poor Microsoft, which then had NO -- ZERO -- people lobbying in or not in Washington DC. I believe last year is spent nearly $30 million. That is the goal of antitrust, to grab money from companies. Could this be prima facie evidence of either 1) his ignorance and inexperience or 2) his desire to throw America down the toilet? Or what?

And while the country is an a nasty recession, what to do? Punish companies so they won't have any money to create jobs. WSJ, Monday, May 18, 2009, page A3 ( "The [Obama] administration has proposed changes that would generate a total of more than $400 billion in new tax revenue [from business]." This article discusses only insurance companies.

Then Friday, May 15, 2009, WSJ Front Page: "U. S. Slates $22 Billion For Insurers From TARP" ( Let's see the article above discusses taxing life insurance companies around $12.7 billion, while this article says Obama is going to give the same companies $22 billion. Huh? I am betting on Obama being ideologically stuck in communism ("You don't need no dang capitalism") AND stupid.

All this brought to you by goverment, owner and manager of the U. S. Postal Service which lost $1,900,000,000 for the second quarter of its fiscal year (it lost only $400,000,000 Q 1) and should run out of money by year end. So it increased prices t0 $.44 per first class mail.

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