Monday, October 12, 2009

The Whirling Dervish to Failure

Where to start. The most inexperienced president in U. S. history is acting...inexperienced. He is under the delusional assumption that activity, whirl, equates to achievement. Since before he was inaugurated, this president has been whirling around touching every corner of these United States with the aim of "change", to transform the United States of America into his vision. Change for change's sake, or maybe change for power's sake. To the four corners of the world, he delivers emotional, charasmatic words.  It is the typical activity of someone with little self-confidence.  Truly I believe Barack Obama never thought he'd get so far so fast.  And he's suffering from "rock star syndrome" by which youthful individuals rise in popularity rapidly, beyond their experience level and certainly beyond their emotional level.  I believe Mr. Obama knows he didn't earn the presidency, Nobel Peach Price notwithstanding, or perhaps withstanding!  Whirling Dervish of activity: buy a bank here, an insurance company there, a car company over there in Michigan, whirl, don't stop.  He can't stop himself.  Satisfy the extreme left wing which financed your election. Manage the information to the vast middle of America, the independents who actually cast the overwhelming votes to elect him. Set the Antitrusters on Google, IBM. Bail out the Autoworkers Union, the Steelworkers. Dismiss any thought of tort reform and push for forced unionization. Oh, save the world by a $787,000,000,000 "stimulus" that, in retrospect stimulated very little. (Except: The Transportation Department's inspector general is asking why nearly $30,000,000 of this dough is heading to Akiachak and Ouzinkie, Alaska, courtesy of the Federal Aviation Administration, which gets to blow $1,100,000,000. Let's see? Inexperience.)

Seek the chimera, the brass ring, the golden fleece (appropriate) of healthcare "reform" where others have failed.  Whirl.

Your $3,500,000,000 budget must have taken a little time, whirl.

And $33,000,000,000 annual expansion in the State Child Health Insurance Program (SCHIP), whirl.

$330,400,000,000 to rescue big banks, whirl.

Timmy, be a doll and get the debt ceiling lifted to $12,100,000,000,000, but keep Fannie and Freddie, Medicare and Medicaid off the books, whirl.

A trillion for a healthcare monopoly, whirl.

Energy? capit, tradeit, and taxit, damnit. Whirl, a trillion or two more.

Speaking of the "Stimulus" $787,000,000,000 -- not much has really been spent so far -- that is the good news -- but most has been used to finance local and state budget deficits, road repavings (FDR built dams, which of course liberals want removed, Eisenhower build the interstates, Obama is building, oops filling, potholes) little is for actual, useful infrastructure, that'd take too long, whirl. Mostly the "stimulus" is, as I wrote earlier ("Elect Democrats in 2010 Act passed" 2/12/2009) to re-elect Democrats in 2010 and 2012.

So, president Obama, what was the goal here? To see how much money you could toss into the air? Well, looks as though you couldn't even do that well with under 10% of the "stimulus" money going out to stimulate the economy before it rights itself in 2010, but no doubt your propaganda machine will take credit for all of it, whirl.

It is to generate campaign contributions from corporations threatened by your central steering of the economy? Well, here you are doing great. But this is only stimulating the re-election of the Democrats. (In the first half of 2009 AT&T and Verizon, two corporations threatened with antitrust put up nearly $20,000,000 in lobbying money. My guess? Mostly to Democrats.)

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