Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas America - Nanny State

The term "Nanny State" has much to benign a sound. What the Democrats are doing to America is far, far more dangerous. It is closing in on a social-justice oligarchy of Obama, Pelois and Reid. They are quickly diminishing our freedoms, freedom of speech, enterprise, religion. Not to mention what we drive, what we eat... Has it gone too far? Maybe. Big-business corporations are as dependent as 75% or our citizenry. Only small business entrepreneurs, some successful citizens and a smattering of others are still left alone. All of education not only poisons little and large minds with one-sided liberal hate but with higher-education is creating a national "company store" where all college graduates will be dependent on government. And, in time, Democrats will threaten to raise interest rates on student loans (on one side, the stick) or forgive them on the other (the carrot) to be able to dictate what jobs they may or may not take. Think about that. Or, in healthcare, same thing. Give diagnosis and treatment (the carrot) or withhold it (the stick). YOu think my writing here is right-wing insanity, think about it. Think of how Obama is fixing prices (healthcare, banking), manufacturing (childrens' toys), compensation (financial industry), controlling venture capital for innovation (billions of taxpayer monies going to so-called "green" stuff that Obama loves). They control virtually all the economy, except unions and trial lawyers, they are free.

Merry Christmas America.

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