Friday, April 2, 2010


Perusing the statistics of the twenty best-performing public offerings of stock listen in the United States one finds:

Originating country:

U.S.A. -- Zero, none, nada
India -- One
China -- Nineteen (19) - ninety-five percent (95%).

Mr. Obama, a public offering of stock means that a company which is owned by its owners ("stockholders") needs to raise additional capital ("money", typically which is deposited into the coffers of the company by means of a bank account or purchase of high-quality short-term securities such as government notes (please see definition elsewhere) and used in the future to hire additional employees ("jobs"), perhaps perform research to discover new products or services, maybe build or rent a building to be used to house said new employees and equip it with manufacturing machinery or the like.)

A little economics lesson for you, sir, it seems you have a lack of understanding of the basics.  Further, sir, the above statistcs, while a short snapshot in time, indicate that China is beating us economically.  You might consider learning more so you actually can accomplish some legislation that will augment the competitiveness of the U. S. A. and create some lasting jobs.

Your humble servent (as all of us are, Your Majesty), Superamerican.

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