Friday, June 18, 2010

The Second Civil War

The Left will never give up. They are committed to winning at all costs to the country. The mere mention that they should or might is wrong...They are in it to the end...the end of America. The lackadaisacal attitude of some of those on the Right is alarming. Bush allowed the Left to make great strides, with the consent of the Republicans in Congress. Where did this get us? Creeping socialism turned into a gallop. Obama and the Democratic Congress have ripped up the Constitution and completely disregard the Rule of Law -- a basic foundation of our society. Bribery, extortion, propagandistic lies are all the basic foundatiuon of the Left. Every one of us rational, country-loving citizens must realize that we are in a Second Civil War -- a fight to the end. If they win -- and have no doubt they are -- it is the end, the end of the country we love.

For proof just check out the chaos of Katrina being replicated by the chaos of the BP oil spill.  While not admitting it, the Federal Government has micromanaged with regulations every bit of oil exploration, drilling and production.  The direct cause of the Spill is in the government not allowing easy drilling in easy places.  Prohibitions by environmental advocates, promoted by those to whom the money and votes of the environmentalists go -- Democrats aided and abetted by a lackadaisical , leaderless Republican Party (caring as with Democrats more about their keeping their cushy jobs than what's best for the country) are at fault.

But faults aside, the ineptitude and chaos of Katrina and the Spill is...bureaucracy.  Vast numbers of non-motivated, "tenured" government employees, advisors and consultants without leaders.  That brings the anarchistic chaos which is the description for most governments and even many private-sector bureaucracies.  Our government is unmanageable.  Especially with a clueless, inexperienced president.  But the oligarchy of the Left keeps adding voters (government employees, beneficiaries of government largesse, with tax money from a relative few and the insane Social Justice socialists.) 

If the interest rates of U. S. gtovernment debt increases anywhere close to where Jimmy Carter took them, this country is bankrupt.  For example 8% of the $15,000,000,000,000 declared U. S. Government debt is $1,200,000,000,000 each year, around 1/3 of all federal income tax reciepts.  One-Third. 

The U. S. Economy is managed by a president who desperately hates business, thinking it the root of all evil.  He is systematically destroying free-enterprise business in America.  Destroying with tax increases, tight money, crippling regulations, frightening investigations and with BP, clear extortion of $20,000,000,000 to be given to his "friends" on the Left to "manage" and dole out to those they arbitrarily consider "needy".  Oversight?  Ha! Ha! Ha!  The joke's on us for allowing them to dictate and BP to cave in.  And, BP they won and like all extortionists, they'll be back, and back, and back until they have drained you and thrown you away.  And yes, some workers in the Gulf will get some, but I'll bet, windmill, solar "initiatives" -- invironmetnalist-friendly subsidies -- will get much.


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