Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Is discrimination an active event, where a person or persons make a decision to hire or not hire a specific kind of human?  Or is the fact that sufficient numbers of that specific kind of human is working or not working for a company all by itself discrimination?

Is discrimination a statistical study or an active event?

Let's say I have a company with 100 employees, do I discriminate if
    a) I employ 10 African Americans when they represent 15% of the U. S. population?
    b) I employ 38 women when they represent 51% of the U. S. population?
    c) I employ 3 gay men and 2 lesbians when they represent 5% and 4% of the U. S. population?
    d) I employ 10 Hispanics when they represent 13% of the U. S. population?
    e) I employ 6 Koreans when they represent 7% of the U. S. population?
    f) I employ 12 people who weigh in excess of 150% of their ideal body weight?
    g) I employ 15 alcoholics when they represent 65% of the U. S. population?
    h) I employ 15 blondes when they represent 18% of the U. S. population?
    i) I don't employ any people of Japanese descent because they tortured my father in World War II?

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