Thursday, March 1, 2012

President Obama's hiring quotas

President Obama is dictating that for all companies serving the U. S. Government, directly or indirectly, seven percent (7%) of their employees must be disabled.  Or there contracts will be revoked. (I suppose no matter the contract law.)  So, along with returning veterans, now you who compete in the job market have another protected group with which to compete.  Oops, strike “compete” the truth is “lose a job to”.  Of the seven percent, two percent (2%) of them will have to be “severely disabled” you lose your job to.  But the typically-confusing part is that a company who can’t hire you but must hire a disabled person in your place, cannot by law…by law (Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990) ask if a person is disabled.  Make sense?  So company owners and managers are forced to hire the disabled, but cannot ask if they are disabled.  This is beyond the realm of mere incompetence.  Does anyone in this administration have any real world life.  Nothing much President Obama does makes sense to any rational person.  And please know that these percentages are ofan entire labor force, so for some period of time ONLY the disabled will be able to be hired until the numbers reach Obama's arbitrarily demanded quotas.

Jobs are clearly not Job One for this president.  Micromanaging companies seems to be Job One for this president undermining the ability of businesses to make their own decisions.  Does President Obama really think he -- with no private business experience at all -- can manage companies? 

Ummm, you also know, this means that an alcoholic or illegal drug abuser can and will take your job under Obama's law.  Being they're disabled and all.

(Courtesy The Wall Street Journal, Wednesday, February 29, 2012, page B1:  U. S. Pushes Target for Hiring the Disabled)

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