Wednesday, August 15, 2012

You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet!

As I have been strenuously arguing for years, the Left has no bounds, no limits; it will do and say anything to gain and retain its power, raw power over the rest of us. The Republicans play by their (Republicans') self-imposed rules of modesty, politeness and fairness. AND THEY HAVE BEEN LOSING MORE OR LESS FOR 75 YEARS!

Can't they catch a clue?

The Sexy Prexy will use every ounce of asset of the strongest country in history for one reason: to get himself reelected. Why does he want reelection? First, because he loves the easy, fat, cushy job itself. He can preen and have crowds admire and clap. He can read BS on his Teleprompter and have it repeated ad nauseum by the fawning media.  Ohhh, Ahhh!  He spouts inaccuries and outright made-up lies. 

Second, he wants to get reelected to show his worthless, drunk, abandoning father that he (Obama) is worthy.

Third, he wants to change the United States into a dictatorship (benigh,like they all are) with him at the helm to improve everyone's lives in the world to they way he wants.

So ladies and gentlemen, you ain't seen nothin' yet.

(The arrest of a top Goldman or other bank CEO should probably happen October 15!)     Will Mitt Romney get MAD?  Paul Ryan will!  Let's hope and pray they win the election...this the Second Civil War of the United States of America!

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