Monday, September 17, 2012

The Subjugation of the Democrats

The Chicago strike by its teachers union boss and the feint of settlement (and kids returning to their miserably-failed schools)  to Mayor Rahm has to embarrass Obama's close bud.  And it is telling Democrats "We don't need you anymore except to give us fat pay, great healthcare, expensive pensions, little measurement, jobs-for-life and easy work." And no doubt Obama's henchmen are leaning on Obama's former henchman-in-chief to give in, give up and get the strike over.  And he will cave, no doubt about it, but first the union has to rub the Democrats' face in the mud. That has been done.

Is this the coming end of the union middleman - the Democratic Party?  Or just further subjugates it to the unreal demands of the unions.

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