Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Disorganized, leaderless, mis or unmanaged. That is our government today.

President Obama is not and never has been a leader/manager.  He's not so bright enough for the small stuff.  Give him a big idea and he's all over it.  But run with it?  Not so much.  He has a Sesame Street attention span.  Measured in seconds, not even minutes. 

In today's Wall Street Journal were four articles.  Headlines:

1.  "GAO Study Faults Export Program"  [It] "isn't properly managed, said Congress's watchdog arm."

2.  "Court Keeps Yucca Mountain in play" "[Obama's] Nuclear Regulatory Commission was 'simply flouting the law'"

3.  "Delays to Health-Law Provisions Start to Pile Up"  "47% of respondents [to the latest Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll] said the law [ObamaCare] was a bad idea"

4.  "Judge Sinks Lawsuit On Screening Hires" "A federal judge casts doubt on government efforts to restrict employers' use of criminal-back-ground checks in hiring"  "[It is] a theory in search of facts to support it."  "There are simply no facts here to support" "[Obama's] Equal Employment Opportunity Commission claim that black applicants were improperly discriminated against."

A good day for President Obama, he's on vacation.

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