Tuesday, March 3, 2015


Democrat-labeled "distressed homeowners" who borrow and can't make mortgage payments are about to get some more forgiveness courtesy of his feel-sorry-for Mel Watt, head of his Federal Housing Finance Agency. Arbitrary NEW RULES force extension of loan terms, forgiving principal or -- this is critical -- stopping sales of foreclosed property to investors.  Investors are a despised class to the Obama administration since they compete with the federal government's giveaways of tax payer monies to get Democrats elected. In this case investors who might take the property away from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to lessen taxpayer risk can't.  Only obviously-Democrat advocacy housing activists get in first. Or people who will live in the houses (and vote for Democrats.) The far-left Center for American Progress lobbied for it, as did the New Jersey Community Capital non-profit which buys foreclosures.

CRONY "CAPITALISM" is not capitalism.

President Obama's arbitrary, illegal action to grant to ILLEGAL ALIENS Social Security cards and numbers, among other goodies, will give them UNEARNED INCOME SUBSIDIES immediately without them ever working. YOU will be paying for their Democrat Party windfalls.  For whom will these newly-fat cats vote in the next and every subsequent election?  DEMOCRATS. Using your money.

And I thought bribery was illegal.  No matter nothing is illegal for the President of the Democrats.


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