Monday, April 13, 2015

A Strong Republican Must Run

With the entire U. S. Government, the educational institutions from Pre-K through Ph. D.s, the entertainment industry, the non-Fox/WSJ media, union bosses' billions of monopoly-coerced dues, trial lawyers' Democrat tithes from legislatively-bought extortion, and trillion-dollar subsidized Far-left non-profits 100% for ANY Democrat, and certainly a female cis-gender woman, a Democrat will win.  Unless the Republicans can run a true fighter, unlike Wuss Romney, Dementia-McCain, who will stand up strong and proud and tell the country that ProgressiveLiberalDemocrats only want power for themselves not what's good for America.  That LPDs want to dictate how businesses need to run, how we need to live our daily lives ans thstbthevONLY choice they will give us is to kill our fetuses. Nrepublicans need to offer CHOICE in schools, mortgages, consumer products, autos, energy, healthcare, and on and on and on.  "We the People" can make better choices for ourselves than some Harvard elite that actuall only know how to read not live.


Jeb Bush can beat Hillary.

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