Friday, August 7, 2015

TRUMP NAH , Jeb! Carson Fiorina, YES.  "Two Debate -- One Winner []

Nah, Trump doesn't have enough dough to self-finance suicide, he can't WIN so he won't spend money stupidly.  Few wealthy Republicans and zero wealthy Democrats would consider it.  But here's a possibility: The Megaphone of The LEFT, The New York Times,  and the Alphabet of Propaganda,  NBC CBS ABC AP CNN NPR PBS MSNBC, will continue to promote Trump as they did McCain to kill the Republican chances. They decimated Palin and Romney to pave the way for Obama. While I can't believe they really want Clinton, they would take Socialist Bernie over ANY Republican.  They all know on which side the butter is.  

Here as it should be:  Bush as president as he has the money and experience and winning will take him to the RIGHT. Then as Chief Operating Officer, Healthcare, Carson; and Chief Operating Officer, Technology, Carly Fiorina.  This combination not only could win -- especially with the other 13 candidates supporting the team -- but with a Republican Congress -- with new leaders -- but could effectively clean up the IlberalProgressiveDemocrat (LPD) mess, bring the country together and isolate the Soros-paid racist opportunists, the far-left non-profits and union bosses and trial lawyers.  First Move - retract most Obama EOs and Kennedy's EO on unionizing the government. Next, reduce the LPD bureaucrats stampeding this once-great country left and downward. And so on. Oh yeah, how about promoting term limits once again. It is needed desperately.

That's it,. folks....

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