Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Now that 2016 is underway, will Trump trump the field? Or..............


Only Bill and the FBI love Hillary, but her ego is too big to quit. Trump won big. Socialism for ignoramuses won. Trump can do no wrong. Fuck. Pussy. Ugly Carly. Bleeding Megyn. The Tea Party tried and the Megaphone of the Left, The New York Times, killed it. Maybe the Trump Party will do better.  He is striking an obvious nerve and it hurts those in power from both parties. As I have said, Trump will cause chaos and from chaos comes order, Hillary's path is known: more corruption and crazy wealth for that 1% -- the Bill Hill and Chill self-charity, and HBF Huma. The only pinprick in THAT condom is the FBI, though in all probability Obama will tell his Lynch party not to indict her and she will obey. Barry and Hilly might settle with no penalty and no admission of guilt to clear her decks. But since female voters can't stand her no matter what's between her legs, she can't win.

OK, then it will be Trump since even the American Left might develop palsy when trying to pull the lever for a socialist of no achievement.

Or Bloomberg who knows and dislikes Trump in all likelihood. Professional jealousy possibly. Bloomberg knows how to put together an organization to succeed and he has managed New York City successfully for three terms, one near-extralegal but he did win handily. While some of his liberal ideas such as banning human-caused Big Gulps and the religious belief in human-caused climate change are repugnant, his dog would govern better than Hill and Bern Baby Bern the country,

But if Trump engages Christie as his vice president, it might tip my scale toward them,

But it is early.  Very, very early. Very, very, very early.

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