Wednesday, July 9, 2008

"Not smack, though"

"Pot had helped, and booze; maybe a little blow when you could afford it. Not smack, though. ..." No smack? you gotta be proud of the strength of character of the guy. That was a quote from the book,"Dreams From My Father: A Story of Race and Inheritance," 1995 , by the presumptive 2008 Democratic Presidental Nominee, Barack Obama. [I own but have not yet finished the book.]

In the America of "free speech", Sen. Hillary Clinton's Bill Shaheen, the Clinton campaign's New Hampshire co-chair was forced to resign December 13, 2007 for bringing up Obama's drug use. So much for the Democrat's support for free speech. (It could be this muzzling of free speech by liberals that leads to murder from the slightest verbal prevocation: "disrespect", "dissing", which unfortunately is probably a word in dictionaries now. )

But all that aside, to me, a much more interesting line from that book is: "Junkie. Pothead. That's where I'd been headed: the final, fatal role of the young would-be black man". So this was Sen. Barack Obama's assessment of his and his peer group's future prospects, back when he was in his '20's. As I write this some 13 years later, it doesn't seem much has changed.

So let's see, while black college graduates' median income is nearly that of white grads, college completion rates are 43% for blacks and 63% for whites. High school (public) graduation rates are around 55% for blacks (59% for black females and 48% for black males) and 78% for whites.

Over 52% of murderers are black; 94% of the murders of blacks were by blacks; nearly 1 of 3 -- 33% -- of 20 - 29 year old blacks are in prison or on parole in any given day. They are the most over-represented population in the criminal justice system (one in 245 whites vs. one in 41 blacks are incarcerated.) For 25 years murder has been the leading cause of death of African American men between 15 and 34, and 49% of murder victims are black (with 13% of the population.) So while there is an increasing black middle class (over a million African Americans earn over $100,000 a year) there is a huge underclass, celebrated for some unknown reason, in rap and hip hop music. So while Obama is fisting, or whatever, his cohorts are dying.

So exactly why does the African American community predominantly vote for Democrats? Exactly what have they [liberals] done for them [the Black Community]? Their Democrat overseers seem to throw some money into their neighborhoods periodically in exchange for votes. Then the same thing two or four or six years later. Isn't it time to analyze what this has gotten African Americans? Education? No. Freedom? No. Middle Class Status? some...but was that by virtue of their own grit and determination or Demodollars? For sure many blacks now work for the government in jobs with little future, or in corporate staff diversity departments. Great! Thanks Democrats. Self-reliance? Freedom? Upward mobility? Pride? Not so much.

Sen. Obama no doubt will receive the lion's share of the black vote in 2008, it is expected of them to vote Democratic, especially for a black Dem at that. The few who have escaped that neo-enslavement will be conflicted knowing that they mostly did it themselves, but being afraid to go against their peers and the liberal press.

And Sen. Obama has no concrete offers of change. Only that black fathers should stay home more. Thanks, dude.

Unfortunately for America and the African American community, the early successes of the civil rights movement have degenerated into vast bureaucracies surviving only to survive and myriad special interest "minority" groups jumping on the victimization bandwagon. Who gets left out? The African Americans. (See above.) So exactly why do they continue to vote for Democrats who are violently opposed to charter schools and school vouchers giving a choice and a chance? I don't really understand, maybe the Republicans are too frightened, cowed by the liberal press, to speak out truths.

I believe among other things that young male African Americans need positive roll models. Not athletes or rappers but "respectable" ones. Oprah, obviously. But what about Clarence Thomas and Bill Cosby, Colin Powell or Condelezza Rice? Liberals attack them and their success. Why? What are they thinking? They are thinking of votes only -- power -- they can't give any credit to a conservative or, like Vietnam and Communism, the liberal world will crumble. So what can these kids count on? Gangs.

"Diversity" is a mirage, or a talking-point by power-hungry politicians. But historically, people want to be with their "own kind". If they are pushed into a diverse neighborhood, they withdraw. So note to government: Let people alone. Let them choose, even if you don't like the choices. And let's discuss it all in open forum. Lets talk about diversity, racism, ignorance, civil rights and the like openly without muzzles. Let it all out, talk, argument, discussion and disagreement openly is what the United States used to thrive on.

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