Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Underlying philosophy of this blog

Now that I have practiced blogging a little, I will start at the beginning.

I have some underlying philosophies that seem to be ingrained into my psyche from birth.

One is freedom.
I believe in it, and that we humans long for it, desire it and will fight for it. I remember back when the laws for mandating the wearing of helmets on motorcycles (and I guess safety belts as they were called then, in cars) were passed; I wondered why the government was passing restrictions on my freedoms such as this. So what if I fall and hit my head? Isn't that my right, my freedom? I think, "Yes". A society, whether religious or secular, defines freedom and freedoms in one way or another. In our present society there is not liberty, everything is negotiable by politicians or decidable by courts. Even murder. I believe there needs to be some absolutes under which humans need to live. We have few here in the "free" United States of America. Democrats seem to believe that freedom means free to do what Democrats want us to do.

Second is the concept of "right and wrong".
While not religious by any means, I have a strong belief in now-quaint notions of right and wrong. There should be some absolutes of right and wrong in which a society must believe. One might be murder. That is wrong. For doing wrong there need be consequences. Capital punishment is one consequence of murder. Christianity offered the consequence of "going to hell" for murder after the capital punishment. The idea of salvation and its alternative served as an absolute for centuries. So what do I believe is right? Well, for example, tolerance. Love thy neighbor and enemy, or something like that. Religion as a beacon has been removed pretty much in the United States. And, at least in my view, nothing much has replaced it. "Rights" have been re-defined in our society as for what special interest minorities can lobby.

Third, All Men (Humans) are Created Equal.
But they are not the same. Some are big, small, tall, short, handsome or pretty, ugly, intelligent, stupid, athletic, ambitious, lazy and so on. They are created equal but are not equal and should not expect to end up the same as everyone else in outcome. Some will be richer, poorer, sicker, healthier, happier, sadder, worry and so on.

Next come some pity maxims.

Fourth, is "sticks and stones may break my bones, but words never harm me".
Self-evident but completely missing in our country's new "morality" where to hurt another's feelings is a "wrong" to be punished by peer-group rejection or worse.

Fifth, is, or are, because I think these two little sayings go together: "Life isn't fair" and "I am the CEO of my own life". In our new world of "equality" and government mandates and dependency, these two little sayings seem to be anachronisms.

Lastly I despise hypocrites and hypocrisy. They are liars and our political environment is full of them. Perhaps couched as something else, it is what it is. But, as the well known government leader Adolph Hitler,said, The Big Lie (German: Große Lüge) is a lie so "colossal" that no one would believe that someone "could have the impudence to distort the truth so infamously". (Mein Kampf, 1925.)

As many people who know me understand, these philosophies sometimes make me a bit dogmatic and unyielding about some things and maybe this post is a bit rambling and incomprehensible to a reader, but it is crystal clear to me. And I can always change it later; in the end, this is my blog anyway.

Future posts will discuss these notions and others and critique the writings of others.

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