Saturday, June 20, 2009

Judge Sonia Sotomayor...Justice? Spineless Republicans

An article in the Wall Street Journal On-line, June 29, 2009: "The Supreme Court ruled 5-4 that white firefighters in New Haven, Conn., were unfairly denied promotions because of their race. The ruling reverses a decision that high court nominee Sonia Sotomayor endorsed as an appeals-court judge." So much for her "unbiased" racial decision making. Thrown out!


A newspaper article Saturday, June 20, 2009 indicated that Republicans were going to let the fact that Judge Sotomayer belongs to an all-influential-women's group pass and slide her nomination along. My response was a letter to the (unnamed) editor:

"So Republicans don't plan to object to Judge Sotomayor because she's a member of a discriminatory group which is apparently against the Judicial Code of Ethics. Judge Sotomayor cleverly described the group, Belizean Grove, as not being "invidious" in its discrimination. However the code apparently doesn't mention "invidious" but simply being discriminatotory, which an all-influential-women's club certainly is. It discriminates against men and un-influential women. By passing on this important issue, Republicans are approving of the double standard where Republican members of the Bohemian Club would be rejected out of hand. Republicans, if you want to get elected ever again, stand up for principles. Too many times you are apparently afraid of left-leaning media criticism (which comes anyway). You allow liberals to get away with chipping away at the rule of law, when they don't give conservatives an inch. That is why Barack Obama is president and Democrats controll Congress. Reject the judge and do it loudly. Americans want leaders!"

UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCES. President Obama, with his selection of "empathy", "compassion" and "understanding" over, or at a par with, the Rule of Law in nominating Judge Sotomayer is showing an ignorance in abstract thinking. It is easy to sympathize with the downtrodden, the victim, the innocent and make a decision based on those emotions. But that directly leads to the destruction of the rule of law, under which the success of the United States of America has in part been based. Emotion equates to arbitrariness, and the rule of law was embraced to rid the newly-formed United States of America of the arbitrary decision-making of kings, nobility and bureaucrats. I feel sorry for a home-owner who can't make his mortgage payments. But the contract he signed under the rule of law is more important than his sad loss. Without the rule of law, one bureaucrat could feel sorry for the person and change his contract, another might not. Arbitrary. A company cannot make a contract not knowing if it will be held to be valid or not. Obama's ignorance, or, more charitably, naivety in not understanding the unintended consequence of this arbitrariness stunning.

Well what did you expect? President Obama is 100% a political animal, power is his life. Of course he'd politicize the Supreme Court. More troubling to me is the thought…the possibility that Judge Sonia Sotomayor might get there in order to shake things up. Meaning, perhaps that she'd use her apparently well-known temper and sometimes-scattered thought to disrupt, scramble, confuse, obstruct the workings of the court. Emotionalize it. Might she cause conservative justices to consider retirement as a result? Just a thought. But no doubt she'll be confirmed. Republicans are running scared that liberals will criticize them. Paint them as anti-Hispanic. Geeze, maybe the New York Times won't like them for thinking she's a non-Constitutional activist. But they'll shrink turtle-like into their shells and after she's confirmed, they'll spout out. Same old, same old losers! Where's the "Party of No!" Remember the Cheney. HE got Obama on the run. Go for it or stop complaining.

And Judge Sotomayer believes women, especially minorities, especially especially Hispanic women can make better decisions than white males. Roe v. Wade anyone? Brown v. Board of Education anyone?

While President Obama poses as a post-racial, race-neutral president, his actions -- Judge Sotomayer being case in point -- speak with forked tongue. (See that post for more.) She represents racism at its worst. It is her race and gender which make her attractive to Liberals. And that alone. See:

Here we come, the rule of emotion.

Oh, yes, she is a member of an elite all-women's club: the Belizean Grove. Federal judges pledged a code not to join any organization that descriminates by race, sex, religion or nationality. Of course SHE get a pass because she's empathetic. Be she a conservative, it would be all over for her nomination! But Democrats are above the law.


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