Saturday, June 20, 2009

"Wall Street Critic Inspired New Consumer-'Protection' Agency"

President Obama's idea for a new consumer-protection agency came from this one woman, Elizabeth Warren. She's another Harvard Law School professor who seem to have impregnated the Obama administration. But part of what she wants is to force banks and other financial institutions to offer simple, understandable instruments to the public. These would be "plain vanilla" and easily compared as to price and terms. It is a great idea. I would support something that is simple and understandable to the common person, unlike Medicare and the Federal Income Tax Code. And if Congress could keep their nit-picking, dirty hands off adding incremental items to grab campaign contributions. I am certain that is impossible for Congress to do, given history.

Butmy mantra: "Educate, don't regulate" could apply here if they weren't Democrats.

Ms. Warren's idea of simplicity should be extended to the healthcare industry. Medicare has over 150,000 pages of regulations. No wonder healthcare is so high priced (and growing 35% faster than other healthcare) and oblique. No one can understand its rules and regulations, most of which are wrong-headed attempts to legislate honesty, which in the end is impossible. Dishonest people will steal. Laws need to be clear and understandable unlike Medicare and the IRS). And punishment must be certain and tough. But Congress cannot stop putting in changes to benefit those who give them campaign contributions. Each change perverts the marketplace. ObamaCare or KennedyCare will simply add to all this gobblygook and continue increasingly expensive and increasingly unavailable healthcare. Their idea of cutting costs is cutting physicians' income and revenue from hospitals...certainly that's "reform".

Simplicity. Education not regulation. Important philosophies of rational beings.

Senator Ron Wyden, Democrat from Oregon has a markedly better idea for healthcare than either Obama's or Kennedy's. Read about it here: If you care about the upcoming healthcare clusterfxxk read this article carefully.

And Safeway has used a market-based approach to make its non-union employees more healthy and keep their healthcare costs flat. An important strategy that our politicians will not read. Don't bother the Democrats with facts... and

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