Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Racism is an animosity toward other races, or a belief in racial superiority.  Prejudice is an irrational, ill-informed dislike of somebody typically with the opinion formed earlier. Discrimination: unfair treatment of one person or group, usually because of prejudice about race.  In the United States, free speech is (or) was protected by the U. S. Constitution, and I assume thought, too.  Therefore I'd argue that racism is protected under the Constitution.  I am not a constitutional lawyer, but I beleive some speech is illegal, as yelling "Fire" in a theater is.  I do not know if the word "Nigger", spoken, has been incorporated in the "Fire" exemption from free speech or not.  But thinking it shouldn't be.  Of course, certain form of thinking is indeed illegal, with thoughts inferred from action.  Beating up a white guy by a black guy might be a "hate" crime.  Certainly a black guy beat up by a white guy would be.  Both the beating and what the beater might be thinking, "hate".  Prejudice is, by that same token as racism, not illegal.  It's an animosity or a belief. 

Perhaps ex-presidents Carter and Clinton were right, along with Bill Cosby, that racism is behind the disagreements with and challenges to the Obama crusade.  But I am certain they don't know since they cannot know what is in the hearts of man.

I have argued for years that the reason African Americans haven't made it up the economic ladder, or integrated into society like the Irish, Jewish, Italian, and Chinese -- all victims of original discrimination, is that the Democratic Party has built bureaucracies, mostly Democrat voters, that rely on convincing African Americans that they are, in fact, victims of racism Ilegal) and discrimination (illegal).  While African Americans vote almost universally for Democrats, what have the Democrats done for African Americans?  Crime, Drugs, Gangs, Unwed Mothers/Fatherless Families, Substandard Education still exist rampantly even after three decades of Democrats taking their votes and spending taxpayer money.  Until African Americans analyze and measure their votes against accomplishments by Democrats in exchange (and come up empty handed), nothing will change. 

Our president is African American and he's so far siding with unions against the best for students.  Yes, teachers union bosses pay for Democrat elections and the status quo.

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