Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Elena, My Elena.

Elena Kagan, President Obama's recent outrage is another in a long-line of Obama administration personalities hailing from liberal academia with no understanding of real people.  Books, maybe.  People?  No.  They have had a sheltered life away from the dirty streets of America.  But they will save all those downtrodden not-white, not-straight, not-successful citizens, no doubt.  The United States Constitution is so 1780s.  It was never meant to be anything but a anachronistic guidepost (except maybe to the Founders but only for a century or two).  Since there are no absolutes, how can something written by old, religious, white military men tell us how to live in the 2010s?  It's what President feels at the moment that's important.  The Rule of Law?  It's what President Obama feels.  (And, of course, what might get him reelected.)  The Supreme Court is supposed to support non-whites; the millions of the less-than-prosperous; labor union bosses; trial lawyers; workers, not managers; and government power.  Business?  Crush'em, unless they bow down, contribute and support the president's arbitrary agenda of meglomaniac power.

I assume she's as smart as he is.  Not very.  She may be a lesbian, but hey, they are all of 8% of the population and vote 100% Democratic, so they certainly need help from our government.  Franklin Delano Roosevelt, eat your heart out.

But certainly the Republicans want to be liked by the New York Times, so she'll be the next Supreme Court Justice.  An arrow in the quiver of arbitrary, crony "law".


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