Monday, May 24, 2010

Obama supporter Google given green light

Who says this administration isn't its friends and supporters.  In the midst of suits, investigations and the like, not to mention anti-business rantings by President Obama, from the FTC, SEC, DOJ, DOE, DOT, FDA, Obama supporter Google is given permission to purchase mobile advertising company AdMob Inc.  It won't harm competition.  Of course not.  The FTC said it was a difficult decision, but in the end did politics win? 

(IS it another coincidence that General Electric, owner of Obama media arm NBC, should escape the crushing burdens other financial institutions face from Obama's financial services industry takeover bill.  In a "compromise" passed May 6 GE Capital Serivces will stay in GE without subjecting it (GE) to regulation by the Federal Reserve.  The compromise was engineered specifically for GE after the FDIC bent its rules last year to allow GE to issue government-backed debt.  No official word from the transparent Obama Administration how much in campaign contributions this cost GE this time.

Pays to support Obama.  And you Americans haven't seen anything yet.  Just wait.

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