Friday, July 26, 2013

Again Obama disregards the Rule of Law

The U. S. Supreme Court -- the final arbiter of the law -- invalidated as unconstitutional a key part of the 1965 Voting Rights Act.  The ObamaHolderDemocratic Party Justice Department has discovered or invented an oblique, rarely used section of the law to replace the one struck down.  It arbitrarily or ideologically believes the U. S. Supreme Court is wrong, so rather than accept it and uphold the laws of the land as required by the Constitution and his oath, the Obama administration ignores it.  Ignores the laws it has pledged to uphold.  So it will sue Republican governors starting in Texas.  Republicans.  The enemy.  Isn't the president of the United States supposed to represent ALL Americans?  Apparently not, so in fact Barack Obama is only the President of the Democrats.  The voting rights should only be for Democrats, they believe.  Doesn't matter if they are citizens, felons or even alive.  But not all voters should be protected against the widespread (but ignored by Democrats) voter fraud, that's OK because most of it is by Democrats and its arms such as Acorn and Union thugs.

The Rule of Law is being quickly dismantled as this administration disregards what Obama says to disregard.  But with ferocity it goes after those it doesn't like.

1) It just sued for $10 BILLION dollars SAC Capital Advisors because SAC has been so successful.  In the Obama mind success equals illegal and it has coerced from five of a thousand employees of SAC guilty pleas of insider trading.  Of course there is no definition of what insider trading is.  The administration wants to show it's tough on hedge funds.  It wants to destroy it. 

2) ObamaHolder is attempting to coerce private companies to give up profits.  Private sector student loan providers are being strongarmed to be "flexible" and not force deadbeat students to have to repay loans as they had agreed.  It will cost much for these privately-owned firms to forego profits at the dictate of ObamaHolder which will lower the number of possible new employees and force the increase in prices.

3) The U. S. ObamaHolderDemocratic "Justice" (sic) Department will extort some "concessions" it arbitrarily wants, in exchange for AMR -- parent to American Airlines -- being permitted to purchase US Airways.

4)  Democrat lawmakers criticized banks owning warehouses to store metals, so the U. S. Justice (sic) Department has opened an investigation.  Something about price manipulation -- sort of like the Fed's Bernanke's manipulation, I guess -- or "extra costs" whatever they are.  As if "extra costs" are now against the law.  But the law is whatever Obama says, "extra costs" are now against the law.

5)  ObamaHolder forced Halliburton to pay $55 MILLION to the far-left-wing National Fish and Wildlife Foundation and a $200,000 fine (Huh?  $55 MILLION to a liberal political organization and $200 THOUSAND to the government???) for a supervisor deleting a computer simulation.  And that said, ObamaHolder is investigating "the possibility" of anticompetitive practices by Halliburton and others in Progressives HATED industry, one that is bringing energy independence to America.  ObamaHolder hates fracking for oil and natural gas because it beats the shit out of their BELOVED sunshine and wind power generation.  Wind (hot air) and sunny increase the energy prices for their expressed-beloved middle class.  But the administration has nothing but contempt for the middle class as proven by their policies, including the mad expenditures for hot air and sunshine.  F the middleclass, they say.


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