Thursday, July 4, 2013


The Egyptian people had had enough of the long corrupt and oppressive Hosni Mubarak dictatorship and the people -- with the necessary assistance of American technology including the Internet, cell phones, Facebook and Twitter -- rebelled.  Mubarak read the writing on the wall and resigned.
For the first time in Egypt's history democratic mostly-free elections organized by the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces -- its military -- were held and the best- and earliest-organized political party, the Muslim Brotherhood, won a majority.  Mr. Mohammed Morsi became the president of Egypt espousing democracy, peace and economic growth.  To the contrary, during his first year in office the man's dictatorial tendencies and Muslim ideology roared out.  He rammed through a new constitution aiming at Sharia Law.  His concentration was on consolidating and expanding his own Islamist power instead of working on the rapidly-declining economy.  Tourism crashed, the currency dropped, unemployment rose and GDP growth neared nothing from seven percent a couple years ago.  Crime skyrocketed and persecution of minorities, especially Coptic Christians expanded.  National unrest rebirthed and Morsi appointed General Abdel Fattah Al Sisi an Islamist sympathizer to run the SCAF -- the military -- to calm the people.   

Six months later, a petition for him to step down was circulated and over a million Egyptians signed.  The people hit the streets once again in the hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions.  Some of Morsi's cabinet ministers, military and other advisors resigned.  While violence was sparse, Egypt was a ticking time bomb.  Gen. Al Sisi told Morsi that he needed to remedy the protests of the people or the military could step in.  On July 3, 2013, the military in essence took over, announcing it would begin setting the stage for another national election.  Morsi vanished to an "undisclosed location".

Will the civilians supporting Morsi clash or worse in the streets with the opposition?  Who knows as of 8:30 a. m. Pacific Daylight Time, July 4, 2013 in Seattle?

The United States of America in 2008 and 2012 elected a president promising to stabilize an exploded economy, create six million jobs and get the country back on the path of economic growth.  He also said he'd bring the country and its disparate factions together.  Hope and Change.

Instead, similar to President Morsi, President Obama turned his back on most non-Democrats (rewarding only his campaign contributors or those corporate leaders who could thrive on the reflected popularity of his empty personna).  American Idol: The President is alive and well!

He further divided the country with virulent denunciations of all who opposed him, including the United States Supreme Court.  Rather than expand jobs, which it turns out he has no clue how to do having never touched the private sector, he brought ideological Progressives into his administration.  They being wildly anti-capitalism and anti-free markets, not to mention anti-anyone who opposed or disagreed with their utopian fantasies.   Anti-business, pro-labor activists were added to the Department of Labor; anti-carbon-energy advocates were stuffed into the Energy Department, who immediately showered billions of dollars on Obama's campaign contributors who had "alternative" energy companies to fund.  The Environmental Protection Agency began a campaign to eliminate coal -- the source of half of America's electricity.

Financial regulators began fixing the products, services, prices and capital structures of most American financial institutions.  Threatening, investigating and suing along with rule making to bring them in line to the Progressive Central Control.  And this anti-business list of oppression goes on and on and on.  The result" barely any Gross Domestic Product growth, extraordinarily high and unmoving unemployment and nearly twenty million Americans un- or under-employed.

What Obama promised, as Morsi promised, was nothing like he set out to do.

Obama, like Morsi, could be forced to resign by Facebook, Twitter and American ingenuity and innovation, but he took control of the technology and many of its entrepreneurs.  Reflected glory impresses geeks immensely.

So it will not happen.  The anti-Republican, anti-conservative, anti-Tea Party propaganda machine that started with Franklin Delano Roosevelt is honed to a fine

From pre-kindergarten through high-school to university administrators, instructors and professors education lean and teach far-left.  The entertainment industry, from movie, sports and rock stars to the corporate owners mostly by far voted for and vocally support Obama.  Union bosses back Democrats with workers dues to keep the laws supporting union monopolies and killing any thought of corporate power. Most government workers vote for the Progressives who force bigger and bigger and more expensive government.  Most newspaper, television and other media is obvious in its support of the Progressive ideology, selecting "news" and opinions that make the president look glamorous and completely disregarding his many, many mistakes, wrongheaded decisions, and inexperience.  His stonewalling coverups of Benghazi and the Internal Revenue Outrage, where his FBI won't even investigate either, are disregarded by most of the pandering media.  They have staked their reputations on the first Black president and they are not about to be proved wrong.

And so Egypt will possibly re-rebel against oppression while the birthplace of freedom, individual responsibility and inventive federal government heads the opposite way to oppression, centrally controlled over regulation of every social and economic activity of Americans. 

Our founding fathers -- portrayed only as selfish, rich, white oppressors by LiberalProgressiveDemocrats -- inventors of the brilliant U. S. Constitution -- portrayed by LiberalProgressiveDemocrats as old fashioned and out of touch -- are rolling around in their graves shouting tearfully: "No, no, no don't let them take your freedom away."


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