Sunday, May 3, 2015

BLACK LIVES MATTER: Blacks, Whites and crime in New York CIty

There are approximately 8,500,000 residents in New York City.

Blacks make up about 23% -- 1,955,000 people--
They represented 62% of murder victims
          committed 80% of all shootings
                            70%  of all robberies
                            66% of all violent crime

Whites make up about 35% -- 2,975,000 people
They   committed  1% of all shootings
                               5% of all robberies
                               5% of all violent crimes

There are about 25,000 police and allied law enforcement officers.

Since the 1990s a Republican Mayor, Rudy Giuliani and Police Commissioner William Bratton launched a war on crime, of sorts.  Since then crime has dropped 80%!  Correlation not causation?

Beginning 1994 they began to attempt to stop crime not react to it, using data, and including legally-justified asking questions to those thought (arbitrarily and racist to some, based on experience and common sense to others) to be acting suspiciously. Precinct commanders were held responsible for crime in their areas. Like it or not, playing with the numbers comes up with about 10,000 black and Hispanic male lives saved, since nearly 80% of the homicide deaths were of those groups.  BLACK LIVES MATTER!

Instead of "Hands Up, Don't Shoot!" how about "Hands Up, Please Frisk!?" And live.

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Anonymous said...

Low income blacks are concentrated in dense urban environments. Low income whites are more often found spread out in rural communities, or cities and towns far from the scale of NYC. How about if you look at % of crimes, murders, etc committed by race, you look at the number of whites and blacks are POOR before you assume that 1% of whites committing crimes vs 60%+ of blacks means that the problem is fundamentally black people.