Saturday, May 30, 2015


The "Republican Party" or actually the historic businessmen who supported it in the past, have relinquished political power and there was little to take its place. To be fair, they were busily building companies after World War II, innovating for the benefit of everyone in the world, and creating jobs and prosperity at home. And so came and went the greatest moment for the greatest country in the history of the world. Politically however the country was being infiltrated by liberals who went on to become socialist-informed Progressives. Then came the '60s and the kids went crazy. Most university professors climbed aboard sex, drugs and rock n roll to be popular -- the "achievement" goal of that time. Mainstream, older university administrators were ill prepared and with little backbone gave in to the kids. From there on it simply was a matter of time. JFK got killed and LBJ took advantage. The world of squeaky-wheel activism was born and grew...almost all on the Left because Republicans were too polite and too busy building businesses. Somewhere around then, trial lawyers thought activism was a great thing for making money. They started suing and business executives, frightened of negative reputations and potentially large awards by clueless jurors, they caved and settled for cash their insurance companies paid. The Democratic Party saw the same opportunity and legislated for more possibilities to sue, and greater awards, including class actions where the awards became gigantic. Trial lawyers slowly became one of the major sources of financing for the Democratic Party which handed out quid pro quo whenever possible.

Fast forward to NOW. Republicans are clueless. The Democratic Party owns the educational establishment from pre-K through Ph. D.; the educational industry, non-profit activist non-profits; the entertainment industry; the non-Fox/WSJ media from the New York Times and its long tentacles, and  Rolling Stone, to the alphabet of propaganda NBC CBS ABC NPR CNN MSNBC PBS MTV;  The Left is financed by Democrat-legislated union monopolies over government workers and mandated dues taken from them; and, of course, the aforementioned trial lawyers..... The end is near. 

I am writing a book about The End.


Don said...

Just saw your comment in the Times, and wanted to support you. I think that in order to help people understand how valuable your views are, we should end public education altogether. Let people be homeschooled, it doesn't matter whether their parents know anything or not, as long as they aren't fed the Muslim/communist/social libertarian rhetoric which is killing this once great whites only country. Get your guns out, because bama's gonna take-em away. Who cares if ron paul wrote neo nazi nonsense? A lot of jew nonsense no doubt.

Yes, in fact, forget rationality altogether. Let's support your views and get the real merica back. more power, godspeed and all that good stuff!

Kurt Burris said...

I see the NYTimes seems to have deleted your drivel. Wow! Are you frigging nuts.