Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Good Job, Barack (Sir, and I mean that)

Sir Barack...or King Barack, good job.  You have captured the largest industry in the United States of America by number of employees.  When you have all the assets of the USA at your absolute discretion it wasn't really a difficult battle.  The outcome was only in doubt by those who believe in fairness and morality and whatever used to be known as the American Way, or Dream.  Whatever!  But you have taken the ramparts of the most personal ingredient of each American Citizen's being.  I have given my body to Barack, and I know the Democrats will use it.  Whatever you want, you will get.  How can someone resist when a mighty force controls the very lifeline of each citizen, not only what's in our scrotum, but all of it?

Sir, I recommend you begin with those pesky Republican attorneys general who are suing your government to declare your newly-signed power unconstitutional.  I'd say cut off a few billion of federal funding and they'll come around.  YOu don't even need to be surreptitious about it.  Have at it Chicago style.  Send them back to the dark ages where they were before federal largesse.

Again, sir, congratulations.  And I want you to know that I am now a Democrat.


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