Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Ned Ludd Returns?

Ned Ludd has returned in the form of the United States Government regulators.  The National Aeronautics and Space Administration -- that's NASA as in going to the moon -- and separately the National Science Academy of Sciences will commence investigations of...of...Toyota Motor Corp., bitter rival to United States Government-owned General Motors.  The sudden acceleration of sales of Toyota has been brought to a halt by a major competitor.  Why?  Because of complaints by consumers and lawsuits by tort-trial lawyers, major backers of the U. S. Democratic Political Party.  There has not been a shred of reliable, scientific evidence that Toyota's automotive computer systems and software have caused anything negative.  Could the Democrats simply want to send Toyota to the moon?

According to some experts most of all recent innovations in automobile safety and operating design have come from computers and software.  Anti-lock brakes.  Stability control.  Automatic speed control.  And consumer desires such as automated parallel parking, seat position, temperature and audio memories to name a few.

Could it be that NASA and NSAS are carrying water, as they say, for their boss President Barack Obama who himself is carrying water in exchange for campaign contributions from those rich, corporate-jet-owning (although "corporate" jets are becoming an endangered species.  "Tort" jets is a more appropriate moniker.) trial lawyers?  Oh, yes the other Democrat Party owners, union bosses, also would like Toyota brought to its knees, or kneecaps as they say in Chicago.  And Ned? -- the namesake for Luddite (look it up) -- perhaps he's not returned, perhaps this is all Chicago Business.

Except  The Leader of the Pack Against Toyota, Ray LaHood (I don't know if his name "Hood" means anything), United States Transportation Department Secretary, said he feels that many members of Congress (HIS funding source) thinks there's something wrong (that's a scientific, technical term used by politicians) with the electronics of cars, not only Toyota, which simply hogs all the headlines in the left-wing media.

And, as this blog likes to say, "America you haven't seen anything yet."

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