Saturday, March 27, 2010


Social Justice is a term invented by liberals to use instead of socialist.  It's what so-called Progressives say they are seeking for the masses.  However it isn't defined; like most Progressive output it's whatever they want it to be under whatever circumstnaces are present at that time.  The opposite of the Rule of Law, of course, because that would define what they are selling and they can't have that.

But whatever Social Justice is (if anything clear), it takes prospertiy of a nation to achieve it.  Look at the United States, recently the most prosperous country in the world, and the freest country ever invented. 

Propserity can only come from successful businesses, companies, industry.  ONLY.  Therefore it doesn't take a rocket scientist to see that social justice can only come from successful business.

Social Justice = Successful Business.

But wait!  The roots of the Progressive movement comes from being against successful businesses.  The treasury of the Democratic Party comes from union bosses and trial lawyers, both of which are in existence to take money from businesses. 

So if Social Justice can only come from successful business and if the roots of the Progressives are anti-business, isn't it logical to infer that Democrats are really against Social Justice.  (Not considering the fact that if Social Justice was in place there'd be no place for Democrats.  Sort of like...if there is no racial animosity, the vast prodominantly-Democratic "civil rights" bureaucracy would have no reason to exist.  One could once again infer that ergo Democrats are really against racial harmony!)

Is my reaasoning faulty?  If so, where?  Please let me know.

But continuing on, what then does the Democratic Party really stand for?  I submit it's simple.  They want, thirst for and will do anything to get power.  Raw power over others.  Constitution?  They don't need it.  Rule of Law, it against their belief system of whatever they want is right.  That the Democrats care only about brutal power was exemplified by their exclusion of Republicans, conservatives and most of the citizenry from the healthcare industry takeover.


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