Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas America - Nanny State

The term "Nanny State" has much to benign a sound. What the Democrats are doing to America is far, far more dangerous. It is closing in on a social-justice oligarchy of Obama, Pelois and Reid. They are quickly diminishing our freedoms, freedom of speech, enterprise, religion. Not to mention what we drive, what we eat... Has it gone too far? Maybe. Big-business corporations are as dependent as 75% or our citizenry. Only small business entrepreneurs, some successful citizens and a smattering of others are still left alone. All of education not only poisons little and large minds with one-sided liberal hate but with higher-education is creating a national "company store" where all college graduates will be dependent on government. And, in time, Democrats will threaten to raise interest rates on student loans (on one side, the stick) or forgive them on the other (the carrot) to be able to dictate what jobs they may or may not take. Think about that. Or, in healthcare, same thing. Give diagnosis and treatment (the carrot) or withhold it (the stick). YOu think my writing here is right-wing insanity, think about it. Think of how Obama is fixing prices (healthcare, banking), manufacturing (childrens' toys), compensation (financial industry), controlling venture capital for innovation (billions of taxpayer monies going to so-called "green" stuff that Obama loves). They control virtually all the economy, except unions and trial lawyers, they are free.

Merry Christmas America.

Monday, December 7, 2009

The end of Periodictablet for 2009

I think it's time to go on vacation for the rest of 2009.  Amid Democrats hoping to pass legislation to blow another $100,000,000,000 to extend unemployment welfare and COBRA payments.  Deficit, what's a deficit?  These people are insane.  Obama cronies have completed the takeover of General Motors with CEO for life ("only a year, maximum") Whitacre and UAW henchman-advisor-and-critic Girsky and the blank, signed check from the U. S. Treasury have already committed $6,000,000,000 of taxpayers' money on money-sieve Opel.   That is $6 billion of U. S. money going to Germany and China.  And they've promoted youngsters and retired the old folks.  Puke now, puke later, doesn't matter they will to break the U. S. in their mad dash for power.  Throw in healthcare and environmental takeover, antitrust, agriculture, immigration, FDIC takeovers, and, ladies and gentlemen I present the Death of America for 2009.  Goodbye.  Our financial "house" is in shambles courtesy of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac now retired from low -own payment lending, now given to the Federal Housing Administration's 3-1/2 % down payment and Obama's $6,000 cash to home buyers.  Redistribution. 

Companies are hoarding cash, not investing, still shedding jobs and silently praying this will pass, while noisily supporting government largesse.  They will not begin investing until they see some stability in the government and return of the Rule of Law, but Obama is an ignorant buffoon and is having the time of his life flying all over the place and doing our my money to his friends on the Left.

I can't write any more, only apologize to my kids for not teaching them more about the free-enterprise system, capitalism.  They have few chances in America now.

Goodbye 2009, Goodbye America.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

End of 2009, End of America?

While compared to the Civil War, World War I, World War II, the Korean "War", the Vietnam political loss and the Great Depression, 2009 wasn't so bad.  However to my way of thinking it is the fullcrum year with the Left pulling down the country to failure and bankruptcy on one side and the Right fighting to regain weight to counteract the Left.  As I forecasted way before his election President Obama is a far-left, inexperienced, naive, weak and bumbling president.  One who either doesn't know the truth, or cannot bring himself to express it when it might be a criticism of him or his work.  Characterized as the "Whirling Dervish to Failure" in one of my blog posts a few months ago.

Now the country is opening its eyes.  President Obama is hurting this country economically and in the eyes of a laughing world.  Every breath in his body is political, every person hired by his administration is political, virtually every agency, bureaucrat, and regulator is political.  They all know they must boost Obama and keep Democrats in power at any cost to keep their jobs.  And the country is dying from it.  Business is dying.  Conservative blogs are understanding and expressing this, finally.  Even far-left bloggers and pundits are starting to question their ignorant, blind, faith in a man with no experience, no vision, no backbone.  And I might add, disappointing intelligence.

My blogs of the past 18 months predicted then described the ineptness of the man who had no clue he would actually win the election and the bitter cunning of his top advisors.  The healthcare takeover and the cap 'n trade legislation are the two premier examples of whether the country can regain its sense of self and stop the bills or emasculate them to ineffectiveness and send enough Democrats packing in November 2010 to neutralize Congress.  If so, the country has a chance and can overrule, change and cancel Obama's insane attempt to take this Democratic, free country into the socialist realm of "Social Justice" and the then-upcoming dictatorship.  He herded the masses and now they are becoming thinking individuals.

I wish us luck.  I will contribute to beat back the socialist surge.

Superamerican, December 3, 2009

Merry Christmas America.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Political Death Blow for Seattle Times?

As much as the Seattle Times would wish the compassionate clemency given cop-killer Maurice Clemmons by former governor Mike Huckabee would be, as it wrote: ( A) "Political death blow for Huckabee?"  [] it might more likley be one of continuing death blows for the far-left and failing Seattle Times.  These two articles take up the highly-read entire first inside right-hand page A 3 of today's Times, December 1, 2009 (the page's headline article is: "Persuasive appeal helped Clemmons win clemency" which includes a giant copy of Huckabee's signed proclamation.[].  I venture to say that if it was a Democratic governor it'd get maybe a paragraph.  Maybe.  The factual Wall Street Journal is the number one newspaper in the country and the likes of the New York Times, Washington Post et. al. are losing readers and dropping like flies.   These liberal rags don't believe that their readers can handle factual information, espedcially that which might cast a dark light on liberals and liberal policies.  So rather than give their readers a chance to gain knowledge, they print biased garbage like the above-mentioned articles.  Shows the contempt these papers and liberals in general have for the "masses" the citizens, voters and readers in the United States of America.

My response is a Letter to the Editor of the Seattle Times:

Seattle Times, your coverage of Huckabee's "fault" for the former governor's clemency ofinsane murderer, even obliquely, is dispicable. You Liberals want teens who've been convicted of crimes to be released, but when they are and commit some more crimes, you express anger, outrage and then try to blame others. The poor boy was only 17 when I am sure poverty and the "wrong crowd" forced him to steal a purse and hit a woman. That boy was sent to prison for 35 years. Without the light of what he's done that sentence looks like discrimination for a poor black kid in Arkansas. And if Maurice Clemmons wouldn't have brutally and cold-bloodedly killed four people, I believe that virtually every Democrat and liberal would agree that 35 years was unfair and discriminatory for the kid and that to let him out was fair. But Clemmons did kill and now this newspaper paints the fault on former Gov. Mike Huckabee, a Republican, by the way, with a full page anti-Huckabee spread today (page A 3) and the same blame game yesterday and, I think, Sunday. At least Huckabee had the courage to stand up in national television and take responsibility like a man.