Thursday, September 24, 2015

Back JEB!

On the Right is the second Narcissist-in-Chief (to Obama), a well-respected but inexperienced physician and a less-than-successful CEO.Well then, on the Left you have a socialist and a liar-crook as the other side. But there's a year+ left. Foot-in-mouth Biden might enter. Can another Republican enter? Probably Mitt-toast is standing ready. But, the only truly capable person in all this is...sorry!...Jeb Bush. He has managed with success the sprawling bureaucracy of Florida and this all alone would put him ahead of all but perhaps Chris Christie. But like his bro and pa, he has at his disposal a huge number of experienced foreign affairs personnel. No one else has. And looking at the mess an inexperienced president has made of the world, expertise here is desperately needed. Yeah, Megaphone of the Left, The New York TImes and the Alphabet of Propaganda, NBC CBS ABC AP CNN NPR PBS and MSNBC will scream and attack with everything they've got to hold on to their power. He is well financed and can win...then he can govern this country successfully. Back him!


Float this sinking ship around and turn it from an absolute Progressive failure back to innovation, success, freedom and prosperity for the world.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

vote REPUBLICAN and innovation not paper- and money-shuffling


This is the perfect reason for never casting a vote for ANY Democrat EVER. While India and China and many, many other countries are doing everything they can to beat the United States in every and any industry our Democrats and Trial Lawyers are forcing our greatest companies to spent millions of dollars and millions of PERSON-hours defending the class action lawsuits made possible by Democrat legislators.  Their business is advertising widely by trial lawyers to gather hundreds or thousands of "plaintiffs" together to enable one or a few law firms to sue, then gather even more names, present them all to a company that has better things to do, like innovate more than companies from India and China. MSFT must settle. Maybe $10 to $50 million in consumer coupons and lawyers get cash = $4 million to $25 million and tithe $400,000 to $2.5 million to the Democratic Party.
Corruption is us.

Vote Republican.


                     CHAOS REIGNS SUPREME

What a mashup of 15 possibilities.

I'd first eliminate the inexperienced -- 8 years of blundering managerial inexperience and blind ideology is taking the country $10,000,000,000,000 closer to the cliff of insolvency.

That eliminates all senators. Carson's too nice (and inexperienced). Carly's been out of it a while, and Trump showed himself to be a light-weight (and his blame of the Subprime Meltdown/Great Recession on President Bush shows ignorance and Left-leaning propaganda).

The myriad experienced governors seem a little slim in overall knowledge, foreign and domestic.

If foreign affairs are important (duh) that leaves only one.

Here it is as the end of the Debate II:

Only Bush can hit the ground running. He has a great team of people who have "been there, done that" and he seems engaged enough to select the best, experienced proven foreign-affairs advisers early on. Domestically he needs to convince and IMMEDIATELY select Carson as V.P. and chief operating officer of human relations and healthcare. Mild-mannered Carson knows healthcare people and he might be able to extricate the U. S. from a imminent bankruptcy courtesy of the unimaginable morass of government-caused healthcare rules, regulations, restrictions, distrust. Then add Carly as Chief Operating Officer -- Information Systems to get the government out of the 19th Century and into TODAY. They both could have shots at presidency after some governmental experience which would make or break them. Carson can help streamline government to make its delivery of services to us efficient not political and she could automate it all. Some people would lose their jobs and somehow the power of the Democrat unions would have to be broken. Perhaps Walker could be brought in as COO -- union buster. (That might be a joke!) But management at this point in our government's life is the fulcrum with death on the left and life on the right. So to speak.

The federal government is a mess and all by itself could take us down.  Obama tosses a billion here, a hundred million there, over a trillion in bad student loans alone, with NO accountability, management or follow up. It is 100% political and each person he hires is a political agent, "featherbedding," patronage, whatever. But no one is managing any of them.  Anarchy with our trillions.

This election might be our last except for 4 more years of an imbecile with Hillary.