Friday, January 9, 2015



What does Elizabeth Warren (the latest poster child of the Progressive Movement) mean by "fairness" and "equality?"  At a recent WashingtonD.C., forum hosted by the AFL-CIO, Elitist Senator Lizzie Warren who has always worked in government jobs and, in fact, lied about being an Indian, with a tear in her eye began:  “If you are young and starting out life with tens of thousands of dollars in student loan debt locked into high interest rates by Congress..."  Well, no. Her beloved President Obama unilaterally took possession of the United States Student Loan Industry, so the $1,300,000,000,000 owed by the students locked into high interest rates are mostly courtesy of the Democratic Party. Why is that so? Fairness and equality to her and her LiberalProgressiveDemocratic fellow partiers mean everyone gets a college education.  No matter prior achievement, IQ, work ethic, or ambition the U. S. government will "loan" you the money. If your extracurricular activities, such as in the local tavern or frat house, means you take five or six years, or you drop out half way, what has the nation accomplished for society as a whole? And the money is owed by the kids.

Analog to the obvious upcoming student loan fiasco, many believe that the Democrats forced U. S. banks into loaning money to people not making enough money to pay their mortgages back. That in the name of "fairness" and "equality" subprime loans became the norm, with the government-sponsored entities Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac wildly jumping aboard. Underwriting, what's that? Soon came the inevitable crash, when many of those loans defaulted and property values dropped causing more default.  (Just this year -- six years later, President Obama appointed unemployed Democrat politician Mel Watt as head of  Federal Housing Administration; Immediately going against his rational predecessor, he immediately relaxed new mortgage loan requirements back to subprime specifications.

President Obama, in a clear anti-free enterprise, anti-private sector, pro-Democratic Party, big-fat government move, ordered that most student loans need not be repaid IF the students (graduates or not, I am not sure) work in the government sector or for non-profits (the bulk of which are Democrat-leaning) for ten years.  If the students lower their goals and go to work for the for-profit, private sector they have to work twice as long -- twenty (20) years -- to be forgiven.  And so as not to tax, so to speak, the former students they need only pay 10% of their income to service their government student loans (which will typically not pay the interest accruing, thus increasing what they owe). This arbitrary and unilateral action incents workers to obtain lower-paying jobs, -- in non-profits, for example -- to allow them to pay less. And speaking of "tax," yestthe real taxpayers, the so-called 5% who pay       % of all income taxes will pay off by forgiving allt those student loans...TRILLION

 Like our healthcare system, our housing/financial system, among many. many others, our educational system has been ruined by "fairness" and "equality" coming along with piles of free  government money and its central control by Ivy League elites.  Until the country and its voters clearly understand that central control of most anything by politicians leads to disaster.  And that freedom to act, freedom to innovate, freedom to be unfair by "We the People" brings higher standards of living for all.  Our "poor people" excluding the mentally ill or substance abusers, live better than most everyone else IN THE WORLD.   That has been brought about by the "Robber Barons" of  the Rockefellers, Morgans, Carnegies two centuries ago, the Fords, Sarnoffs and  Olsons, Gateses and Jobses of the last century and myriad others already in this new centur

Thursday, January 8, 2015



Political Correctness is nothing more than an attempt to muzzle the free speech of people with views different from those of the LiberalProgressiveDemocrats (LPDs). Verboten to LPDs -- even explicitly through "speech codes" forbidden in many college campuses in the U. S. -- are so-called trigger warning words: "Coarse" content, "insensitive" words or concepts that “trigger” traumatic or "anxious" thoughts of discrimination, or other “violations” including "dishonoring" feminism, gender identity, sexual orientation or activity (including the word "rape"), class, race, religion or national origin or other concerns. Are the American people and especially college students so frail of mind that they would be damaged by hearing...words?  My parents drummed into me: Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words can never hurt me." (IT OVERWHELMS ME THAT, ON ONE HAND, WOMEN ARE POWERFUL, INDEPENDENT AND AS GOOD AS MEN.  ON THE OTHER HAND, THEY ARE TOo WEAK TO READ or heAR THE WORDs "VIOLATE" or "rape" SINCE they MIGHT CAUSE DISTRESS. DISTRESS, DISCOMFORT, STRESS, HURT FEELINGS, DISRESPECT, AND ON AND ON ARE EMOTIONS TOO POWERFUL FOR WOMEN TO BE ABLE TO cope with AND SO EVERY WORD THAT MIGHT "TRIGGER" SUCH AN OPPRESSIVE EMOTION NEEDS TO BE BANNED FROM THE VOCABULARY OF EVERY AMERICAN.)

How is political correctness different from the desire of Muslims to suppress free discussion of Islam or even mentioning the word "Muhammad?" Is the difference the violence of a certain relatively few extremists? I would argue that the killers in Paris January 7, 2015, were insane, however it is defined. It seems probable that they were driven by Muslim ideology as interpreted by the likes of ISIS, Al Qaeda, Boco Haram,Yemen-based Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) and other like-minded and -acting murderous fanatics.

How are the Kouachi Brothers and Hamid Mourad, the Paris killers, different from Ismaaiyl Brinsley, the killer of the two policemen in New York?  He was also surely insane, yet probably driven by
ideology, in this case Progressive ideology, and was explicitly energized by violent demonstrators including the Trayvon Martin Organizing Committee (TMOC) "Dead Cops Chant" -- "What do we want? Dead Cops. When  do we want it? Now!" Unfortunately, these activities were inadvertantly yet implicitly encouraged -- by not being roundly denounced -- by New York mayor del Blasio (his most recent name), Al Sharpton, U. S. Attorney General Eric Holder and President Obama. But is "I can't breathe" political correctness? Is Islamic radicalism of the very few similar to political correctness of the Progressives? Think about it.

How can it all end?  Human beings rarely give up power voluntarily.  Both Muslim crazies and Progressive Americans have significant and growing power.  Although Republicans won control of both Houses of Congress in the November 2014 election, that didn't seem to diminish the thirst for power of Progressives.  Check President Obama's threats of the veto pen and executive orders. ISIS and Boco Haram continue making military gains and enslaving and demanding ideological compliance with Islam and Shariah Law of their captured peoples. Or they are beheaded. Similar ideological compliance with Progressive dogma is demanded by Progressives but, of course, in America the consequences of failing to do so are not so severe.  Except sometimes. Check the "Dead Cops Chant."

#Je Suis Charlie