Sunday, November 25, 2012

We've lost the greatest country in history

Nothing is funny about the election or the demise of rational, "conservative" thought. It is tragic. But inevitable as I have been saying for years. The Republican/conservative movement has been playing on the so-called Progressives' playing field and to their tune and always responding, never leading.  Defending from Progressives, never attacking.   Romney had all the ingredients for winning. Except balls. Progressives win by catering (and giving) to union bosses and trial lawyers. Romney said what about this? Happiness is supposed to be each of us pursuing it as we individually wish, not how Progressives demand. (Go out and work for a non-profit, help the homeless, Progressives say. But more lives have been saved and enriched by U.S. entrepreneurs getting "selfishly" and "greedily"rich selling stuff like pharmaceuticals, computers, software and cellphones.) Romney defended the magnificent good business has done for the world how? We legislate saving species of little bugs; liberals go out and rescue sick and abused dogs, but kill millions of human fetuses. Romney said what?  After the election was over, Romney blabbed something about Obama doling out goodies to special -- and especially ethnic -- interests.  After the election.  After!   He is so afraid of what the liberal NFM (non-Fox media) will say or write, he doesn't stand up for much of anything. Ditto all chickensh** Republicans.

We have lost this wonderful country. Like the Jews of WWII, the princes of Russia, we do nothing and lose the greatest country in history; they only lost their lives. I am glad I am 70 and don't have three decades to go through.

America     I cry for you!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Obama Won, America ZERO (0)

Obama won.  America 0.

A play on words, but a truth.  The America into which I was born died last night.  Well, it'll be a while dying but the mortal wound was performed last night.  While the causes and reasons will be debated endlessly, it doesn't matter.  Obama and the Progressives, who are anything but, won.  America and us -- its citizens and inhabitants -- lost.   Our score: ZERO (0).

Arguably the most inexperienced and unqualified president in history, President Obama has proven to be the most far left, or possibly off the left-hand charts.  He has never touched or been touched by free enterprise or capitalism except for the financial support he had by corporations in 2008 and less so in 2012.  But what created the greatest country and system -- political and social -- in the history of the world means nothing to the president.  Nothing.  Mr. Obama went from university and a couple years hanging out in his home country in Africa to small time organizing in Chicago.  That did not work out well for those "organized" since they weren't.  Then quickly to the Illinois legislature briefly and on to the United States Senate where he gave a speech, or was it the speech then the U. S. Senate?  Doesn't matter, well rehearsed he voted "present".  He had some important handlers and advisors.  But off of the conspiracy theory and on to the presidency of the United States of America.  In his first term, he ran up the deficit $5,000,000,000,000 but who's counting?  Unemployment flatlined at high.  The economy struggled to be positive.  African American unemployment increased to near-15% and crime, drug use and illegitimate children continued marching upward.  And energy money accrued to his financiers, giving them a good return.  But luckily for him abortion continued unabated, especially for African Americans.  Choice won.

I argue that the President of the Democrats (and who could argue with that nomenclature?) and the late Fuhrer of Germany had parallel lives to a certain extent.  Neither succeeded at much of anything until...until they spoke and moved people.  Both had alcoholic, womanizing and absent fathers (President Obama's a bigamist).  Was President Obama a bastard?   Hmmmm.  Both were mothered smotheringly and uncritically.  Both were (are) narcissistic to a fault.  Both thought (think) themselves saviors of their respective countries and if possible, the world, although Adolf didn't make it that far.  Both consider(ed) themselves "change agents".  Both made their major platform hate.  In Hitler's case, Jews.  In Obama's, "millionaires and billionaires" and bankers.

But now my troubling prognostication.

With the retirement or death of one conservative Supreme Court Justice, including seventy-six year old Justice Scalia or seventy-five year old Kennedy,  the United States Supreme Court, the ultimate arbiter of the United States Constitution, would be controlled by ideologue liberals.  As with Kagan and Sotomayor they are not strict constitutionalists but arbitraryists, making decisions based on their life experiences and proclivities.

Now let's say President Obama makes an Executive Order or perhaps his Democratic majority Senate passes a bill that the term of the presidency should be extended to, say, ten or twenty years.  Let's just say.  Someone sues with outrage.  From court to court.  To the United States Supreme Court, the final court of jurisdiction on the meaning of the Constitution with no appeal.  Let's say.  How might his appointed idealogues rule?

Voila!  Yes, ladies and gentlemen, we have the end of the path.  The Road to Serfdom inevitably ends here.  Someone has to make the decision: "what is fair".  Or, rather, who gets what?  The division of the "equality", the redistribution of the spoils. 

This was the end of the country into which I was born.  And the end of the road will be.  Serfdom.


No one gets it.

This election is not just the end of the America into which I was born, but the one to which Thomas Wight sailed around 1730.  The one whose founders led thousands in war to defeat a mighty enemy.  Why?   For our freedom.  Then after winning their was for independance, a very small number of (as the so-called Progressives like to say) rich white men conceived, drafted and convinced a larger number -- I don't remember how many -- of similar men representing all Americans to agree to a new United States Constitution.  That Constitution created what was to become the greatest nation ever known to human beings.  Its inhabitants -- us -- became the most individually free in history.  This freedom allowed us to innovate for the world.  This brought prosperity and high standards of living beyond the imagination of much of the world.  They created the most innovative political system ever invented.   It separated institutions so no one of them could dominate.  It kept self-interested groups apart, so they couldn't gang up on the rest of us.  It gave each of us freedom to pursue happiness as each of us defined it for ourselves.  It delineated laws by which all people equally had to obey, but the freedoms were not granted by government but were self-evident, unalterable truths of God.

But that very freedom and prosperity finally brought THAT United States of America to an end.  Last night.  November 6, 2012.

While the creators of that prosperity were busily starting companies others were living off the wealth they created in order to destroy that very freedom and prosperity.  Those "others" were different from the moral individuals who invented the United States, the people who respected one another, who, not being perfect (being humans) changed their country when necessary, freeing slaves and granting to all the right to vote.  To those "others" power, their own raw power over others was -- is -- all that is important.  The fears of "Publius"  -- the pseudonym  of Alexander Hamilton, James Madison and John Jay in writing the Federalist Papers -- have come true.

And they have diligently worked -- consciously and unconsciously -- since around the 1910s Theodore Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson to gain and retain that power.  They infiltrated the entire educational system and turned it against "business", the very institution that created all the wealth for our country.  "Business" became an epithet.  Still is. 

The "factions" written against in the Federalist Papers and kept apart in the structure of the United States government now control it.  Democrats.  And the products of their power:Union bosses and trial lawers who finance the Democrats who legislate to enable those factions.  And a media that proudly promoted those factions and deprecated business and those successfully engaged in it.  All this within a sad, self-absorbed society fixated on "stars" and their own pleasure.  Thus was borne the first American Idol -- The President.  Elected and reelected last night.  Endowed with a deep persuasive voice, a winning smile, a dark-colored nose and brilliant political strategists Barack Obama was -- and is -- singularly ill-equipped to manage one of the largest institutions in the world.  But these factions were built into a electorial majority: so-called African Americans, many Hispanics turned against Republicans' ideas on immigration, the young and impressionable educated against free enterprise and capitalism, women afraid of losing their right to abort their fetuses all within a media universe unabashedly, and nearly universally promoting the Progressive way of life and the Democratic Party.

End of Part 1.