Wednesday, December 12, 2012


The Democrats want to make the Western Gopher an endangered specie.  Yip, you read that right.  Gopher.  And to buttress their arguement, know this: the Tacoma Gopher is already gone, dead as a species (as I guess it was).  Let's keep the pests digging up our lawns and gardens of civilization or they'll die out, the gardens that is, not the gopher.  Tacoma is already gone.  (Or is it that I moved from Tacoma and another pest, and I'm not a gopher, bit the dust.)

Well, now, how about another important species about ready to die out:  Republicans.   Yes, they are dying out.   From what, you might ask.  From not having any balls.  (Think about it.)

Republican former leader, Mitt Romney had no balls.  He did not scream: Unions Are Corrupt.  He is too polite and has no balls.  He did not call out the fact that union monopolies (yes, the same ones that have destroyed, destroyed American education) finance the Democrat Party as its largest financier.  Yes, the largest.  Do unions just love the Democrats' platform or stuff like that?  NO, heavens no.  Union bosses get billions in dollars over ten years from Democratic Party legislated union monopolies.  Of if not definitional monopolies, the legislation forces non-union workers -- those workers who choose NOT to join a union for whatever their own reasons are -- to pay union dues, much of which goes to pay for the elections of Democrats.  Even if (heaven forbid) a worker supports the conservative, rational beliefs of the Republican Party its union pays the Democratic Party (with 95+% of its political donations).

What else was Former Leader Mitt Romney afraid to say?  The second largest financiers of the Democratic Party are the billionaire jet plane-owning Trial Lawyers.  What do these leeches-on-society like about the Democratic Party?  The trial lawyers' bank comes from the Democrat Party-passed laws allowing contingency payments from settlements of threatened trials.  Threatened...Most lawsuits are settled, not litigated in a court of law.  Trial lawyers get hundred and thousands of "plaintiffs" to represent, file suit against a company for some accident or unknown design flaw or as with asbestos, against companies never having touched asbestos, but those which might have purchased a company that once used asbestos in a product.  Although there never is a direct cause and effect from said asbestos -- more "risk" or what might have could have  happened -- just facing thousands of litigants, force companies to settle.  How does one spell b-l-a-c-k-m-a-i-l?  With cigarettes and asbestos TRIAL LAWYERS SCORED BILLIONS OF DOLLARS IN FEES.  Did Mitt attack the Democratic Party with these truths?  NO.  (President Obama and the Democrat Party relentlessly and successfully attacked Romney with lies about who he wasn't and things he didn't do.  LIAR!  LIAR!)

Add in the relentless seventy-year propaganda effort against Repuboicans, business (which Romney was in), free enterprise (ditto, and which brought America its present prosperity), freedom, the Rule of Law and so on.  The propaganda comes from:  the union-monopoly educational system of kindergarten through high school and then the far-left post graduate professors, college administrators and instructors (87% of which are Democrats).  From the media owners, personalities and pundits most of which (from the New York Times through ABCNBCBSPBS and just plain BS) excluding the News Corporation (which has news not propaganda) and virtually all the entertainment (sic) industry and its Far-left owners and actors ARE so-called PROGRESSIVES (sic).  Yip George Clooney, sad to say.  Relentless Far-left propaganda clouding the minds of most American voters.

So there's no hope for the Republican Party.  I nominate someone to nominate it for being added to the Endangeres Species List.

Any second?

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Left owns the Propaganda and has won.

In “Barack Obama’s Persuasion Army” (Wall Street Journal, Opinion, November 15, 2012, page A17) Daniel Hemminger touches on a few truths about which no one else seems to have a clue.  The first is “propaganda;” but he does not go far enough.  Virtually the entire American educational establishment is controlled by the so-called Progressives, K – 12 by unions and post-graduate education by Democrat administrators, professors and instructors.  And the Non-Fox Media (NFM which includes the Wall Street Journal) is an unabashed cheerleader for everything Obama and Democratic.  All are engaged in pervasive, incessant anti-business, anti-free enterprise propaganda.  Most Americans have a knee jerk reaction against business and business leaders which has been drilled into them since kindergarten.  The propaganda closely links “big business” with the Republican Party so it, too is automatically distrusted.  This propaganda includes withdrawing Darwin’s law of Natural Selection by diminishing its exceptionalism, which includes the success of executives, and promoting the fantasy of “fairness” and “equality” of outcome.


Next, he got right the use by the Democratic Party of the (hated) “private sector’s advanced marketing techniques” but without the same “Truth in Marketing” as demanded by Federal law, regulation and lawsuit.  The government and “free” political speech can issue any message without need for truth, as this past campaign proved, while commercial speech by companies is severely managed word-for-word.


He commented: “Some Republicans are consumed with how to make more people like them.”  This is something I have written for years.  The Republicans in general seem to pay heed to what the New York Times, the network “news” shows and their followers say and in some cases believe it.  Republican don’t understanding that there seems to be a visceral antagonism toward everything Republican by the Left.  Republicans tend to respect morality and believe in basic right and wrong and principles (and the Constitution) even sometimes at the expense of winning.  Their opponents have no such barriers.  To Democrats winning is everything.


The United States into which I was born almost seventy years ago has been chipped away and now is gone forever, I believe.  Our country exists now to feed the United States government which grows and grows and consumes our economy and the political foundation so brilliantly established beginning in 1776.