Sunday, April 26, 2015


Females: You are proudly admitting that you are not strong enough to listen to words, "Trigger" words. (As Mom and Dad said: "sticks and stones will break my bones, words can never harm me!") You really think you can be president of the strongest nation in history, Leaderess of the Free World? What a pathetic, laughable thought. So if Vlad Putin tells a President Hillary Clinton that she's a useless old thieving hag that ought to be raped by Boco Haram, she'll scurry to find a Safe Room to hide?  ARE YOU F'N KIDDING? Thinking about it, that was the default action of President Barack Obama: seek out a safe golf course. Pathetic.

Research actually shows that children and adults have the capacity to grow stronger after experiencing some traumatizing event, perhaps a hurricane, for example. Lawrence Calhoun and Richard Tedeschi, professors of psychology, University of North Carolina, Charlotte, found that post-traumatic growth can occur in from 30% to about 80% of survivors. Those who grow from a trauma tend to take time to think and and try to make sense of the event. They struggle to grasp meaning to gain perspective and understand that indeed they have the inner resources to deal. It helps to be with a group that listens and discusses rather than ignoring for fear of traumatizing all over again. Hiding from "Trigger Words" makes the experience worse. If friends and family believe that trauma can change a person for the better, it does. And as LPDs advocate, vice versa is worsa.

And here is the evidence: Published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology (October 2010) a study by researchers at the University of Buffalo--the State University of New York and the University of California -- Irvine. 2,398 participants to test "resilience" after 2001. Asked if they had experienced any of 37 negative events, those who had a history of some lifetime adversity showed lower distress, fewer symptoms of post-traumatic stress and higher life satisfaction. Adversity can help people develop a "psychological immune system," especially a few of them and some time ago.

Hey, LiberalProgressiveDemocrats, we have God you have the Clintons. We have the better deal.

You LiberalProgressiveDemocrats talk about fairness, diversity, equality, and the like while YOU are consciously separating us, by sex, race, ethnicity, achievement, and wealth to gain your own selfish power, raw power over "We the People." As Hitler accomplished, you are trying to isolate and create hatred against whites, males, successful entrepreneurs, and the police. You seem to be trying to start WAR, the Second American Civil War, and your media is too ignorant or  pandering (and money hungry) to get it, or maybe it does: The New York Times. NBC, CBS, ABC, NPR, CNN, MSNBC, PBS. You began with super rich Frank Roosevelt and  his getting Negroes dependent, then came the poor and union bosses dependency, now it's many, many more minority factions including some you make up: Trigger Word Victims, LGBTRSTQs.  Hitler started small and as his power increased so did his violence. Millions of Jews died. Would you of on the Left desire that we white successful men be put in camps and given what we deserve? If you think that absurd, where will you stop?  Think about it! But funny thing, you on the LEFT, we have the guns and the will and God and righteousness and happiness and the American Dream on our side. You have Hillary. We will FIGHT to keep them, when you get us there. You might be winning now, but you won't stop until you are killed. Sorry, but check out non-Zinn history...Power once obtained is never voluntarily given up. Never. 

Wednesday, April 22, 2015


Unfortunately the once-innovative United States Constitution has not been able to keep up with the new ways of factionalizing groups which since about FDR has slowly undermined it. Madison and the authors of the Constitution and many founders of the country understood how affinity groups could get together and gang up on the rest of the country.  The Constitution brilliantly limited that with the bifurcated government of individual states and the central federal one.  It itself was further divided into lawmaking (Congress, itself divided into two parts, originally one for the successful, "knowledge class" and the other of "the people." And administration charged with carrying out the laws. The third, judicial, would settle arguments between the other two.  It worked pretty well going into the Depression when the so-called independent Federal Reserve caused another decade of damage by tightening money. Rich, marriage-cheater won several elections by segmenting the country into the factions feared by Madison.  The "poor," union bosses, Negros and others.  The big change was his ability to communicate to disparate people and herd them into voting blocs. FDR -- again a rich man who had an allowance from his mama all his life until she died and who plunged into financial scheme after scheme all of which failed, turning him not against his poor judgment but against capitalism as a whole.  He was on his way to strangling the country with anti-business regulations when he abruptly turned to businessmen to industrialize weapon-making, logistics and the war. World War II and its success by American business "made" the country as the strongest in history. FDR's insane belief in Stalin which led to the Cold War, was a pediment to America's future. The country's power, innovatively, financially, industrially, culturally and morally grew. But so did the central power of the federal government.

FDR's initiation ultimately led to Lyndon Johnson's paean to assassinated John F. Kennedy: the Great (socialist) Society.  Government grew larger overwhelming the states.  The Supreme Court enabled it with "activist" decisions.  Ronald Reagan slowed the power accumulation and launched the final thirty years of America's prosperity and growth. Then along came Obama. 

Today, the incentives are heavily against a limited, rational federal government of by and for the people.It has become the financial and regulatory supporter of those factions that can deliver the most votes or money. Union bosses and trial lawyers have been given monopolies. Negroes have been deceived into believing that they are less able than whites. A variety of other pet causes have been encouraged by the party in exchange for votes and money: the Climate Change Religion believers; the endangered species protectors, abortionists, the prosperity-haters (capitalism haters like FDR) trying to grossly limit necessary energy for life; And tinority (tiny minority) groups with the loud megaphones of the bias feeders like the New York Times, NBCBSABCPBSNPR, the so-called LGBTQ?s and the likes. The Democrat government favors those it gets the most money from and showers gifts upon them in exchange.

Obscene monopoly money from union bosses and trial lawyers has upped the ante and most actions of most politicians now is toward raising money. Guesses are that Hillary Clinton, Democrat candidate for President in 2016, will raise $1,500,000,000 to get into the office.  THIS IS INSANITY. The United States government is all about money now with the Democratic Party measuring and weighing everything by money. Income inequality. Bank profit. Business executive compensation. Justice Department accusation settlements. The greedy "rich" (who in actuality but not popular belief are Democrats). The "poverty level" (as defined by Democrats). The Pursuit of Happiness as guaranteed by the U. S. Constitution has been replaced by the Democrats' pursuit of money. But actually all this LiberalProgressiveDemocrat activity has not been ABOUT money or rights (they have been tools) it IS ABOUT POWER, RAW POWER OVER "WE THE PEOPLE." President Obama wants those he dislikes (Republicans, the successful, white folks, conservatives, businessmen) to give the fruits of their success to those who -- for whatever reason -- have not succeeded. PERIOD. 

The hegemony of the LiberalProgressiveDemocrats and the mad need to raise obscene amounts of money to win a seat in power in Washington, D. C. for candidates of both parties, could easily be changed: prohibit all organizations, including non-profits, corporations, labor unions, and the like from donating cash or time to candidate elections.  Limit each live U. S. citizen to, say. $5,000 per candidate per election.  And prohibit private lobbying and hold ONLY open group meetings on specific subjects of legislation so ALL interested parties would get the same information and be able to act on it. Federal government rules and laws requires this of corporate disclosures: transparency and equality. Finally, put in term limits of 2 or 3 terms for Congress and one 6-- 8 year term for president.  Then politicians could devote time to "We the People" and not they the buyers (tort lawyers, union bosses, etc.) of what the government can provide with taxpayer money.

But Congress must change Congress and THAT WILL NEVER HAPPEN until the U. S. becomes unable to repay its debt. $20 trillion today; $30 trillion in 2025.  Somewhere will be too much and then if there's anything left, Hope and Change can be real again.

Monday, April 13, 2015

A Strong Republican Must Run

With the entire U. S. Government, the educational institutions from Pre-K through Ph. D.s, the entertainment industry, the non-Fox/WSJ media, union bosses' billions of monopoly-coerced dues, trial lawyers' Democrat tithes from legislatively-bought extortion, and trillion-dollar subsidized Far-left non-profits 100% for ANY Democrat, and certainly a female cis-gender woman, a Democrat will win.  Unless the Republicans can run a true fighter, unlike Wuss Romney, Dementia-McCain, who will stand up strong and proud and tell the country that ProgressiveLiberalDemocrats only want power for themselves not what's good for America.  That LPDs want to dictate how businesses need to run, how we need to live our daily lives ans thstbthevONLY choice they will give us is to kill our fetuses. Nrepublicans need to offer CHOICE in schools, mortgages, consumer products, autos, energy, healthcare, and on and on and on.  "We the People" can make better choices for ourselves than some Harvard elite that actuall only know how to read not live.


Jeb Bush can beat Hillary.