Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Is discrimination an active event, where a person or persons make a decision to hire or not hire a specific kind of human?  Or is the fact that sufficient numbers of that specific kind of human is working or not working for a company all by itself discrimination?

Is discrimination a statistical study or an active event?

Let's say I have a company with 100 employees, do I discriminate if
    a) I employ 10 African Americans when they represent 15% of the U. S. population?
    b) I employ 38 women when they represent 51% of the U. S. population?
    c) I employ 3 gay men and 2 lesbians when they represent 5% and 4% of the U. S. population?
    d) I employ 10 Hispanics when they represent 13% of the U. S. population?
    e) I employ 6 Koreans when they represent 7% of the U. S. population?
    f) I employ 12 people who weigh in excess of 150% of their ideal body weight?
    g) I employ 15 alcoholics when they represent 65% of the U. S. population?
    h) I employ 15 blondes when they represent 18% of the U. S. population?
    i) I don't employ any people of Japanese descent because they tortured my father in World War II?


After fifty years of central command, control and ownership of its economy Cuba is admitting that central control does not work.  DOES NOT WORK.   President Obama, on the other hand, either is so ideological he is clueless or he wants his own power at any cost to America.

Anyway for the first time in its history Cuba will lay off 500,000 state workers of its roughly 5,000,000 workers.  Until this move, unemployment was about 0% in Cuba.  Uncle Fidel will seek to boost (from virtually nothing) private enterprise in Cuba.  Interestingly enough, to whom will the private entrepreneurs sell stuff?  Pay in Cuba is about $20 PER MONTH, not bad unless you want to buy something.  And last week FIdel was quoted by a far-left magazine writer that communism no longer works. 


Now unsaid is whether the so-called wonderful, progressive social safety net, that Obama and his progressives so look up to,  will pay enemployment insurance.  I'd say start at $20 a month.


President Barack Obama directly or indirectly is the chairman of the United States Postal Service.  How is he doing?  Great, according to his metrics.  It lost $3,500,000,000 last QUARTER, annualized, that number would be $14,000,000,000!  Total expected losses over the next ten years?  Nearly one-quarter of a TRILLION DOLLARS.  PRIVATIZE!  No, Obama can't afford to.  There are 600,000 voters working for him in the USPS, making an average of $83,000 a year (in wages and benefits, about 50% above the rest of us us, on average).  Yes mostly uniionized with a portion of their wages going to elect Democrats.  Obama's solution?  Raise the cost of postage in this bitter, deep recession;  yes, of course, USPS is a government-established monopoly.  Even so it's being killed in part by FedEx and UPS.  In part by cluless management who want to keep the workers happy and voting Democratic.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


NEW OBAMA BAILOUT.   $30,000,000,000  - $35,000,000,000 to take over 70% of the total assets of the so-called "wholesale" credit union.  These are the unseen backoffice providers of services to the consumer credit unions the public deals with.  The Obama National Credit Union Administration has not done its job.  Under federal regulations and rules wholesale credit unions could only invest in safe, liquid assets.  But no.  Regulator cute Debbie Matz said the need for a bailout came from unparallelled bad times and also "BAD DECISIONS" BY REGULATORS.  Finally a Fed who tells it like it is.  She said there should be no taxpayer losses in the governemt buying $25,000,000,000 of lousy paper for $50,000,000,000.  Huh?  Obviously she was trained by Obama!  The losses, whatever they will be, are a shadow of the heading-for-a-trillions of the Federal Housing Agence, Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae.  But after Obama's idiotic and failed pathetic attempt to bail out homeowners who got in over their heads, housing prices continue downward.  Housingt prices continue downward!    Obama's Bernacke Federal Reserve System continues the easy, cheap money strategy that got us into this mess in the first place.  Now it's yet another desperate, mindless attempt to help.  It is not working even with modern record low interest rates.

Obama your ignorance is sinking the ship we built!

Friday, September 10, 2010

No, I am not saying we're getting like Nazi Germany...

No, I am not saying we're getting like Nazi Germany here in the United States of America.  But there are some "initiatives" that remind me of some of the "initiatives" there, back then.

One is informing on your fellow citizen.  I think it immoral and undermining of respect for others when the government of the United States pays citizens to inform on other citizens.  This is part and parcel of the July, 2010, legislation entitled the Dodd-Frank/Obama U. S. financial services industry takeover bill, or something like that.

Ratting out others could reap as much as 30% of any recovered funds and penalties collected by the Obama Securities and Exchange Commission.  That could add up to huge paydays of millions, multi-millions of dollars.  This in addition to so-called whistleblower acts where an individual who successfully pursues a "Qui Tam" action is entitled to a bounty that ranges from between 15% to 30% of the government’s recovery.  (Qui tam is short for "qui tam pro domino regequam pro se ipso in hac parte sequitur", or "who pursues this action on our Lord the King’s behalf as well as his own", even though this law preceeds the present president.)  These, I think "stool pigeon" is the legal term, people are then protected from whatever the govenment thinks is "retribution" from their squealing, whether done in good faith or not.

The manifest consequences of these actions have been and will be more class-action and other lawsuits, enriching the Democrats' major source of campaign contributions, trial lawyers;  more unfounded charges and accusations intended to neuter competitors; and frivolosity simply to get back at hated fellow employees.  But most important it builds a current of distrust in America, where fellow citizens are to be watched closely and everyone must look out for one's own back.  This will add to the operating expenses of companies from litigation and legal and accounting protections as employees go to the government to score bucks rather than to company executives to solve problems.  

It is wrong.  It undermines basic trust in America.  Courtesy of the Democratic Party.


Our major competitor, the People's Republic of China is eating us for lunch.  While President Barack Obama is busy jawboning down, investigating, suing, and tying up hundreds of productive, job-producing American companies with oppressive, crippling new regulations and rules.  Please see previous posts.

Formerly the most powerful creator of wealth in the world, the most innovative and the most moral, the United States of America is losing ground fast in large part because of the tone and legislation from our bitterly anti-business president and Congress.

The Agricultural Bank of China Ltd has raised the most money ever through the largest initial public offering in the history of the world.  President Obama, you might not understand the capital raising process that was essentially invented in the United States of America, but it is one of the most significant reasons the United States of America has enjoyed the most wealth and the highest standard of living in the history of the world.  Under your watch, Mr. President, we are losing.

$22,100,000,000.  I know that's nothing to you, Mr. President, given your possession and use of the U. S. Treasury, but it's the largest IPO ever...from a Chinese company.
So go after Intel.  Go after Google.  Go after United Health.  Go after free enterprise.  Go after them all, sir.  Revel in the decline of our country...

An added bonus is that the U. S. fell to fourth in the World Economic Forum's global competitiveness study, down two spots.  China moved up two spots.