Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Ned Ludd Returns?

Ned Ludd has returned in the form of the United States Government regulators.  The National Aeronautics and Space Administration -- that's NASA as in going to the moon -- and separately the National Science Academy of Sciences will commence investigations of...of...Toyota Motor Corp., bitter rival to United States Government-owned General Motors.  The sudden acceleration of sales of Toyota has been brought to a halt by a major competitor.  Why?  Because of complaints by consumers and lawsuits by tort-trial lawyers, major backers of the U. S. Democratic Political Party.  There has not been a shred of reliable, scientific evidence that Toyota's automotive computer systems and software have caused anything negative.  Could the Democrats simply want to send Toyota to the moon?

According to some experts most of all recent innovations in automobile safety and operating design have come from computers and software.  Anti-lock brakes.  Stability control.  Automatic speed control.  And consumer desires such as automated parallel parking, seat position, temperature and audio memories to name a few.

Could it be that NASA and NSAS are carrying water, as they say, for their boss President Barack Obama who himself is carrying water in exchange for campaign contributions from those rich, corporate-jet-owning (although "corporate" jets are becoming an endangered species.  "Tort" jets is a more appropriate moniker.) trial lawyers?  Oh, yes the other Democrat Party owners, union bosses, also would like Toyota brought to its knees, or kneecaps as they say in Chicago.  And Ned? -- the namesake for Luddite (look it up) -- perhaps he's not returned, perhaps this is all Chicago Business.

Except  The Leader of the Pack Against Toyota, Ray LaHood (I don't know if his name "Hood" means anything), United States Transportation Department Secretary, said he feels that many members of Congress (HIS funding source) thinks there's something wrong (that's a scientific, technical term used by politicians) with the electronics of cars, not only Toyota, which simply hogs all the headlines in the left-wing media.

And, as this blog likes to say, "America you haven't seen anything yet."


Poor President Obama, his arm must be getting tired signing all this legislation to kill the free markets that built America.  Last week the virtual  takeover of the healthcare and healthcare insurance industries.  Cost?  Upwards of $2,500,000,000,000 (I hope that's trillion but there are so many zeros it's hard to tell.) will be spent in the decade after the first six years of tax gathering with few benefits.  This accounting fraud, of course, allowed the CONGRESSIONAL Budget Office to be quoted by our president and Democrats as "approving" the law.  In the real world of Liberal politics that two-and-a-half TRILLION dollars will increase to, what? three- four-trillion?  No one knows and no one will be able to pay anyway.  There aren't enough middle-class and rich people to tax.  Not enough!

But, hey, that was only one part of the federal takeover of the healthcare and healthcare insurance industries.  Part two was higher-education (sic) financing.  What? a  rational person might exclaim.  What does paying for college have to do with healthcare?  Only that, under the Democrats fudging of its own rules, to pass the legislation why not pile was the desirable to put both together. (And they stupidly thought they could trap a couple Republicans politically into not voting "against education". THAT sham didn't work.) OK, then.  So what?

The United States Government crushed, destroyed and eliminated a huge job-producing private sector industry -- the whole hated for-profit thing -- of loaning money to college students.  Yes, government says it'll be cheaper and better for the government to manage yet another industry.  (Let's see.  U. S. Postal Service, AMTRAK, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, the I.R.S. not to mention Social Security and Medicare, Medicaid and so on.  All horribly and undeniably broken and creating unimaginable deficits and borrowings from China.)  And the money it'll "save" has already been spent in the healthcare accounting fraud and again duplicatively to expand the giveaway to college kids.  Let's see will the kids spend it getting an intellectual education oron fun, parties and worthless classes of liberal philosophies?  Take a guess. 

But further, the Obama Administration and the Democrat Congress (NO Republicans, nor NO rational politicians voted for this legislation, remember) have announced that going to work after college for the government is preferable to going to work for...for...for a for-profit business.  A private-sector free-enterprise business; "hey kids that's a no-no".  Every huge-debt-owing college grad will get penalized for hiring on with a company in the private sector (whatever that really means now.)  (This doesn't start until 2014, in order for the "savings" to accumulate with no spending counting against it.) Yes, go to work in the private sector and the government will eliminate your debt after twenty (20) years.  But, go to work in the utopian, wonderful so-called "public sector" (however the Democrats want to define it), of non-wealth-producing government jobs and non-wealth-producing non-profit jobs and presto! or Voila! you are forgiven your debt in half the time. (Ten -- 10 -- years).  Now again to emphasize, the public sector uses, takes, eats, destroys your tax money while creating "good" (however the Democrats define "good" today, and subject to arbititrary change.)  And on the other hand all the wealth and prosperity that is America today was created by entrepreneurs starting businesses that produced and sold things the public freely wanted to buy. 

This legislation makes it clear and obvious that President Barack Obama and the Democrats in Congress do not support private enterprise.  Remember this is the greatest economic structure ever invented by mankind.  It has uplifted the standard of living for hundreds of million human beings throughout the world.  But they know government will do a better job. (Against ALL evidence to the contrary throughtout history.)

Do we Americans want to make a college education "free"?  Or "free" as defined by the Democrats which means either paid for by taxpayers or borrowed from China.  This is a question hidden from us.  But it is the root of this legislation.  And we Americans don't get any say, in fact we didn't get asked.

The next question is: "Given a track-record of abject failure, from not only the above-mentioned public-sector companies, but from the entire multi-trillion dollar "elimination of poverty" initiatives (which have not eliminated poverty the Democrats themselves say), the vast "civil rights" bureaucracy (which has not eliminated "racism" the Democrats themselves say), the vast educational initiatives (which has not improved education for four decades, the Democrats themselves say) why does even ONE Democrat get elected?

Why would Anne, Ben, Charlene, David, Emily, Fred, Greta, Henry, Isabel, John, Kathe, Larry, Mary, Nelson, Opal, Quentin, Rachael, Steve, Teri, Umberto  Victoria, Walter, Xaviera, Yancey, or Zelda vote for any Democrat, even one?

The unfortunate following answer is partial and overgeneralized: 1) They are union bosses or members who get an unfair advantage in wages, benefits and retirement from Democrats over all others; 2) They are trial lawyers who get an unfair advantage in huge settlements from businesses; 3) They are black and (incorrectly) believe Democrats are "fighting for them"; 4) They get something for nothing from Democrats; 5) They hate the "unfairness" of the free enterprise/capitalist system in which people must earn what they get; 6) They believe empty rhetoric; 7) They don't believe that one -- whether an individual or a country -- cannot forever spend more than they make;  8)  They believed that former President Busn was the devil; 9) They are morally against war, guns, capital punishment, punishment, achievement, spanking, differences in humans, progress, wealth and/or unfairness and angst, and finally last, but not least, 10) They are for relative morality, abortion, freedom to act in ways that were formerly morally wrong, homosexual rights, equality, spending more than one -- whether an individual or country -- makes; 11) They are students who have been propagandized and won't have to repay student loans, believe that religion ought to be out of public society.

We in the United States of America are in a Second Civil War, and the Liberals are winning. 

Proudly Superamerican.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010


An article in today's Wall Street Journal, Tuesday, March 30, 2010, says that the "Securities Debate Is All About Trust".  While the article discusses whether and at what amount should Congress dictate that banks own part of the loans made, with the rest sold to other investors.  But the issue is vastly deeper.  Down to the philosophical differences between conservatives and liberals.  Trust.

Trust is the key difference between conservatives and liberal. It manifests itself by conservatives encouraging decisions to be made by millions of individual citizens, consumers, workers, entrepreneurs and even politicians, trusting people’s intelligence and abilities to make such decisions. On the other hand are liberals, who believe in decisions made by the few, typically politicians, from a central point, such as, for example, Washington, D. C. They believe that only the chosen few (politicians) are equipped to make decisions for the many, who cannot be trusted to make “good” decisions for themselves. The “securities debate” is simply an extension of that divide. A shorthand is “small government” versus “big government”.

Conservatives blame much of the recent financial meltdown and current recession on the single-point of decision-making of the Federal Reserve Chairman and the push by a very small number of Democratic members of Congress for “affordable housing” brought to this country by community development regulations and opening Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to less-than-prime borrowers. Thus their prescription is to get the federal government out of the housing market and to allow the free markets to determine who does and does not receive a housing loan.

Liberals believe that business people and bankers are not to be trusted, that they will foist anything on the public to make a profit. They also believe that the public – citizens, consumers, workers, entrepreneurs and even politicians are not intelligent enough to make decisions for themselves. Therefore government must dictate what can be offered for sale to them.


This country was based on the then-unique notion that people were capable of making up their own minds and doing what was right for each of them, which in the long run would, in aggregate, be the best for society. Certainly there were “winners” and “losers”, circumstances where a few had a lot, many more had much and the few had little. The law of the jungle, one could say.

That “unfairness” was and is not acceptable to liberals, who want to cause markets to be“fair” by making most major decisions for the citizenry, thus altering the core of American society toward “Equalitism” where everyone is more equal instead of competition where the exceptional are rewarded with more.

Therein is the divide in America. The “securities debate” is simply one symptom of that divide.

Saturday, March 27, 2010


Social Justice is a term invented by liberals to use instead of socialist.  It's what so-called Progressives say they are seeking for the masses.  However it isn't defined; like most Progressive output it's whatever they want it to be under whatever circumstnaces are present at that time.  The opposite of the Rule of Law, of course, because that would define what they are selling and they can't have that.

But whatever Social Justice is (if anything clear), it takes prospertiy of a nation to achieve it.  Look at the United States, recently the most prosperous country in the world, and the freest country ever invented. 

Propserity can only come from successful businesses, companies, industry.  ONLY.  Therefore it doesn't take a rocket scientist to see that social justice can only come from successful business.

Social Justice = Successful Business.

But wait!  The roots of the Progressive movement comes from being against successful businesses.  The treasury of the Democratic Party comes from union bosses and trial lawyers, both of which are in existence to take money from businesses. 

So if Social Justice can only come from successful business and if the roots of the Progressives are anti-business, isn't it logical to infer that Democrats are really against Social Justice.  (Not considering the fact that if Social Justice was in place there'd be no place for Democrats.  Sort of like...if there is no racial animosity, the vast prodominantly-Democratic "civil rights" bureaucracy would have no reason to exist.  One could once again infer that ergo Democrats are really against racial harmony!)

Is my reaasoning faulty?  If so, where?  Please let me know.

But continuing on, what then does the Democratic Party really stand for?  I submit it's simple.  They want, thirst for and will do anything to get power.  Raw power over others.  Constitution?  They don't need it.  Rule of Law, it against their belief system of whatever they want is right.  That the Democrats care only about brutal power was exemplified by their exclusion of Republicans, conservatives and most of the citizenry from the healthcare industry takeover.


Friday, March 26, 2010

How do you spell "BACKBONE"?

It is crystal clear to me that many if not most Republican politicans now and over history have no backbones. As a result we get our country dictated to by a small handful of power-mad meglomaniacs.  They give socialism a bad name.   Mediocrity is on its Enjoy!  We all have caused it. Democtrats certainly power is in their blood, but also Republicans and conservatives frightened of, I guess, not being popular with, yes, Democrats and the left-wing media. Why else is this happening?  Seems the Republicans love their cushy jobs as much as Democrats. 

Who is standing up and clearly shouting, "business is the engine of freedom", "unions kill jobs", "rich "corporate"-jet-owning tort lawyers kill jobs". Democrats kill jobs...(Well, that's not completely accurate.  "Democrats kill private sector jobs, while expaning those suckling off us taxpayers.)  I see these truths nowhere. And so we lose our country. Why don't conservatives say, "Power to the People" which is what our founders fought and died for. They are turning in their graves because of the power we've given to corrupt politicians -- Republicans and Democrats alike -- in Washington, D.C.  I don't know if 485 members of Congress plus a few members of Obama's administration can be labelled an oligarchy but they all together dictate how the other 310,000,000 Americans think, act, live. 

There is no way to stop it, there is no true outrage at being puppets.  And that is what you, dear reader, and I are.  So pull away President Obama.  Yessir, yessir.

We get what they want. Goodbye America -- beacon of freedom and protection to the world.  Sad.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Good Job, Barack (Sir, and I mean that)

Sir Barack...or King Barack, good job.  You have captured the largest industry in the United States of America by number of employees.  When you have all the assets of the USA at your absolute discretion it wasn't really a difficult battle.  The outcome was only in doubt by those who believe in fairness and morality and whatever used to be known as the American Way, or Dream.  Whatever!  But you have taken the ramparts of the most personal ingredient of each American Citizen's being.  I have given my body to Barack, and I know the Democrats will use it.  Whatever you want, you will get.  How can someone resist when a mighty force controls the very lifeline of each citizen, not only what's in our scrotum, but all of it?

Sir, I recommend you begin with those pesky Republican attorneys general who are suing your government to declare your newly-signed power unconstitutional.  I'd say cut off a few billion of federal funding and they'll come around.  YOu don't even need to be surreptitious about it.  Have at it Chicago style.  Send them back to the dark ages where they were before federal largesse.

Again, sir, congratulations.  And I want you to know that I am now a Democrat.


Monday, March 22, 2010

As of today I am a Democrat

We all need to be Democrats.

With the federal takeover of healthcare AND student lending after the takeover of the financial industry, auto industry, energy and education it is clear that our society and economy will be managed with a firm hand out of President Obama's office. Free enterprise will be gone and Equalitism and cronyism will flourish. Success will come from who you know and who you buy. Being a Democrat will give one an immediate leg up, so we all need to change to stay "competitive" (a word that will die out in usage.) Our president will not only fix prices, but product offerings and labor rates. As of today I am a Democrat.
I congratulate President Obama, his legacy is set.  He will come to be known as the man who put the final nail in U. S.-style capitalism.  While I have not yet seen him on television today I can assume that he will be puffed up like a peacock in heat.  (One might say that he is screwing the entire United States, but even I would not stoop that low.)
He will be revered by dictators, socialists and progressives around the world.  China, India, Brazil, and other economic competitors of the U. S. will cheer as they progressively munch on their luncheons of the United States.  Yum, you taste soooo good, I think I'll buy you.
Today I am a Democrat and proud of it.  Mr. President, my president, please send me some of those rich guy's money.
Thank you.
Superamerican.  (A proud Democrat!  And as of today I am retired.)

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


"Lend more" demands President Barack Obama.  "Stop making risky loans" demands President Barack Obama's regulators.  Reminds me of Dr. Suess  "If I start out with the concept of a two-headed animal," he once said, "I must put two hats on his head and two toothbrushes in the bathroom. It's logical insanity."

Throw in dirty-lameduck Senator Christopher Dodd's proposed job-killing armlock on anything deemed "financial".  This proposed bill, which with any hard manuvering by rational members of Congress won't get out of committeel, would slaughter those profits Democrats don't believe in, control compensation, set credit card and all pricing, force stockholder dilution through requiring additonal capital and allow, perhaps, encourage regulators to bust up big financial-oriented companies from payday loan providers to Home Depost that provides credit to customers.  State attorneys general (to most activist of which are anti-business Democrats) would get to scrutinize them too.  All in all this scheme would virtually nationalize the financial industry in the United States of America.  (Our President Obama gleefully sees this bill as putting Republicans between a rock of supporting the bill or a hard place of appearing to support banks.  Bill or banks -- you lose!  But it's nothing political with him.  And who cares about the Amercian Citizen anyway, (s)he doesn't get it anyway?)

Of course this is logical to those consumers who want to have easier, cheaper access to someone else's cash, with leniency or foregiveness if it's too strenuous to repay.  And, of course, logical to anti-business activists, socialists, communists and idiots who know capitalism is the work of the devil.

Of course this is insanity to anyone who sees what government-control does to anything.  Amtrak.  Internal Revenue Service.  United States Postal Servies.  Fannie Mae.  Freddie Mac.  Federal Housing Authority.  Automobile manufacturers.  Education.  Healthcare.  Congress.  Earmarks.  Deficits.  African Americans. 

Rule of Democrats

                  RULE OF DEMOCRATS

To understand the wild miscarriage of what might be considered "justice" check out the Wall Street Journal aritcle yesterday, Monday, March 15, 2010, page B-1.  "Lawyers Vie for Lead Roles in Toyota Lawsuits"   [].  The article discusses the mad, mad, mad frenzy of trial, plaintiffs or tort lawyers thirsting for the hundreds of millions of potential settlement fees from Toyota from dozens of lawsuits against Toyota Motor Corp. for unproven incidents which have garnered vast spreads and accusations from the left-leaning media and the Democratic Congress.  "The suits accuse Toyota of everything from fraud for not being public enough about its sudden acceleration problems to having used allegedly shoddy electronics that caused fatalities. The volume is so large that a panel of judges will likely consolidate the claims into a handful of cases, legal experts say" the article says.  Much of the "evidence" comes from complaints...COMPLAINTS that will doubtless cost Toyota billions of dollars.  No, Toyota, you are not innocent until proven guilty, the American Left has judged you "GUILTY" beyond any shadow of any doubt.  So hundreds of lawyers cruise at 35,000 feet above sea level on their anti-corporate jets on to the U. S. Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation, March 25, in San Diego, CA, federal court. 

Have no doubt on this: class-action lawsuits are a multi-billion dollar industry invented by Democrats to extort billions of dollars from the American public through American corporations and their insurance companies.  All settlements and fees are extracted from the American public of course through higher prices.  One might innocently ask why would the Democrats suppors an industry that is clearly against business?  The clear answer is that they get elected and reelected by those fees extracted from the American economic system.  The uncomprehendingly-wealthy billionaire trial lawyers (and those who are only multi-millionaire ones) tithe part of their enormous fees to Democrats who see to it that there is no reform of the industry.  While Democrats attempt to "reform" (AKA take over) vast swathes of the U. S. economy: healthcare, banks and financial institutions, automobile manufacturers and suppliers, Internet, broadband and information providers, airlines, education. energy, especially unfavored nuclear and coal, agriculture and virtually every corner of our lives, one no-no is the lawsuit industry. 

Innocent Toyota.  Yes, innocent until proven guilty, according to what used to the the Rule of Law in America.  Now it's the Rule of Democrats.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

I Love Democrats more than my country, says Charlie Rangel

"I love my country.  I love the Congress.  I love the Democrats more."  Therein lies the core belief of the Democratic Party as announced by one of its mightiest, now-former-chairman of the United States House of Representatives Ways and Means Committee, ethically-challenged Charlie (Rangel).  As reported in The Wall Street Journal, Thursday, March 4, 2010, page A 4, "Rangel Drops Reins of Power".

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Another Obama-caused Upcoming Disaster

Whirling Dervish indeed. Well he's at it again. OK, so the U. S. auto industry is on the ropes, with the recession, withdrawn consumer spending and Number One Toyota's run-in with U. S. trial lawyers and Number One competitor, the U. S. Government.

Government-owned General Motors is struggling desperately, falling behind arch-rival, non-U. S. government-owned Ford Motor Company in sales for the first time in about 50 years. FIFTY YEARS. And GM's Chief Executive Officer, President Obama's crony Rahm Emanuel's one-time business partner, Edward E. Whitacre Jr doesn't seem to know his ass from his elbow but is reorganizing GM's top executive officers for the second time in ... in three months. And yesterday, Mr. Whitacre forced out Bob Lutz, the executive with the most auto industry experience, VP at Ford and president of Chrysler where he pioneered quality.  At GM Vice Chairman Lutz overhauled design and qualtiy and presented more stylish vehicles.  However he once said about global warming, that it is "a crock of shit".  That must have put him on the wrong side of Obama's global warming religion and led to his departure. Wow, Eddy, give the guys a chance. But like his real boss (President Barack Obama) he's demanded to be Number One and will shuffle his execs daily until he...probably fails. His experience is NOT in autos or manufacturing. Typical of an inexperienced neophyte, he seems to think doing something is achieving something.

But all that is backstory. Sad though it is, with something like a near-$100,000,000,000 of taxpayer money thrown at GM and its one-time financing arm General Motors Acceptance Corporation, now GMAC. But Whitacre, who was put there as Chairman of the Board and immediately clawed for power, has nothing to lose spending another $100,000,000,000 of not-his-money. Talk about incentives! And Obama, if luck is a lady and GM survives, might keep the reins of his obsessively-needed power and acceptance.

And how does the boss of bosses try to help out? According to the Wall Street Journal (March 3, 2010, page B 1, "U. S. May Push New Brake System") by mandating that all new U. S. vehicles have systems that stop a car when both accelerator and brake pedals are pushed. WHAT THE F? Why would he increase the price of U. S. vehicles by, what? $1,000 - $2,000, when people can't afford to buy them now at today's prices. Not only will it raise costs, but it solves an only-perceived problem of sudden acceleration that, if true, anyway has killed only 50 people, and that's a stretch. And it solves that, let's say, manufactured problem (manufactured by trial lawyers who, slathering for settlements, have filed scores of lawsuits against Toyota)  which trial lawyers and Democrat Congresspeople say is caused by the very electronic systems that will be needed for the mandated high-technology braking-override system.  (More slathering by trial lawyers and their Democrat money-recipients.  They can't wait for THIS mandate.)

No dear readers, this is true.   And not stupidity: Democrats will get funded by trial settlements, car companies will pay and the anti-business "populists" win political points.

The United States will fall further behind in manufacturing.  Taxpayers will surely lose their cash the Democrats put in GM to save the unions, when GM dies again (although Obama/Whitacre can easily drop another $100,000,000,000 into it).  Thousands more unemployed.  U. S. cars will be less affordable.

The U. S. will decline further as anti-business liberals seem to desire.

All this after Obama "saved" the car companies for a month by destroying $8,000,000,000 of perfectly operable cars, which the "less-fortunate" could afford in his "Cash for Clunkers".  Now: gone, destroyed.



There are approximately 280,000 medical doctors in the United States of America, excluding psychiatrists. The largest U. S. healthcare paymaster is Medicare, which each year lowers the reimbursement to these afore-mentioned physicians. It is nothing less than wage control by the government. But each year Congress has overruled Medicare and waived these cuts, thus creating a huge discrepancy between what they "should" be paid under wage control and what Congress waives wages to.

There are 485 members of Congress.

There is a pay discrepancy of Medicare to doctors around $8,000,000,000 this year (and around $220,000,000,000 over the ten years Congress uses for what it calls "budgeting" by the Congressional Budget Office).

The $ 8,000,000,000 divied up among the 280,000 docs is over $28,500 in pay this year for each of them being arbitrarily and capriciously controlled by those 485 members of Congress.

Or put another sad way, each single Congressperson controls $28,500 in compensation for 577 doctors.