Saturday, May 25, 2013


In a Wall Street Journal article -- Obama Resets War on Terror -- (Friday, May 24, 2012, Front Page)

President Obama continued his effective dismantling of the strongest military in the world.  The U. S. military won World War II, engaged in Korea, Viet Nam, Iraq and Afghanistan attempting to show the world that democracy, freedom (of speech, religion and assemble)  and free enterprise created the most free, prosperous, moral country in the world history.  It has protected its friends and engaged its foes, not always with success, but "failures" came from political decision not military. 

While slowly withdrawing from the world scene militarily, the private, corporate sector is being pushed out front by the United States federal government with mandates, laws and regulations to step forward with its brand of morality: higher wages, more worker protections, product safety, environmental conservation, and similar endeavors.  At the same time the U. S. is selectively joining international bodies to promulgate additional rules and regulations and giving up national legislation for international.

Obama said: "This war [the so-called 'War on Terror'], like all wars, must end.  That's what history advises.  That's what our democracy demands."

Saturday, May 18, 2013


If popular democracy doesn't work, for the reasons of which the Founding Fathers, authors of the U. S. Constitution and pundits of The Federalist Papers -- James Madison, Alexander Hamilton and John Jay -- deeply feared, then what can be next?

2013 is clearly not 1776.  Clearly.  Virtually everything is different.  Transportation. Communication.  Material Goods.  Manufacturing, distribution and retailing, not to mention the entire concept of free enterprise.  Freedom.  Religion.  Morals.  But given the differences, the failure of all forms of government to date, what can be next?

Socialism has been proven to be unobtainable since someone must manage the state -- anarchy also does not work -- and turns out that "someone" over history always seems to chose his individual power to keep and nourish, not that of the "people".  Communism is Socialism's analog in impossibility.  American representative democracy's inventive structural worked until communication became so open that the formerly-separated groups who couldn't easily communicate could.  And they did.  Initially as "Progressives" forming in power against the inaptly-named "Robber Baron" capitalists who had one way or another industrially built the industrial and financial power base of the country.  When the description "Progressive" came under fire the faction  morphed into the also inaptly named "Liberal".  A major component of their base came from union bosses who corralled workers into labor unions which promised better and richer working conditions.  Using government as a enabler, they delivered and the Democratic Party.......

But fast forward to 2013 and that party of the people has become the party of itself enduring only to endure.  It has scooped up myriad additional factions; the poor; minorities of all shades; abortion advocates; the secular religious; government-financed "activists" in the environmental, climate-change and inequality games.  The greatest faction is the federal government and its own perpetuation.  It and the Democratic Party are one and the same.  And that is where the breakdown in democracy started and is finishing.

When the party in power becomes the government then representative government is an illusion.  The Obama administration exists only to gain and retain power over the remaining minority of Americans.  While at this point May 18, 2013, this paragraph might be debatable, the recent scandals which were hidden by the Obama administration before the 2012 election are blooming in the light.  The seminal question is: will the Democratic Party roll through 2013 and retain power after the 2014 elections.  Time (only) will tell.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Modern times have proven the folly of democracy, especially the populist kind which bestows on all -- deserving or not -- the right to vote without responsibility.  Since Teddy Roosevelt and cousin Franklin the now-proud Progressives (earlier tossed overboard for the misleading title "liberal") have successfully segregated factions, dealt individually with each in exchange for their votes and have won.  Factions include "labor" through its bosses, black-nosed peoples through their power- and publicity-mad overseers like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton,  rich anti-Capitalism "environmentalists" and "activists" in general, vehement anti-male, pro-abortion "feminists", lawyers made rich through expanded tort laws, and the hugely powerful, but numerically tiny,  initialized community of LGBT -- the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender affinity group.

Everyone -- even the dead and immigrant -- gets to vote for the most attractive personality.  No longer is there any hint of Darwinian sorting, for example by experience or intelligence or knowledge or effectiveness.  Now it is popularity -- a rousing voice, a wide, friendly smile, a tall athletic body -- just feeling good about someone.  Presidents Reagan, Clinton and Obama come to mind.  Nose color in Obama's case to me was of utmost importance: "It is time".  Massive media and entertainment-industry propaganda is a significant part to be sure. 

But the vetting behind closed doors in smoke-filled rooms has been replaced by American Idol -- The President or Congressperson.

This very activity to me -- a libertarian Conservative who believes I can better manage my life and affairs as I want than can the arbitrary rules mandated by American Idol the President or the unelected, mostly-Progressive, government-protected bureaucracy.  We were supposed to have been granted by God certain individual rights, but with the elimination of God by the secular Progressives, from where can those rights come?  "We the People" are not capable of governing our own lives, we make "bad" decisions (as defined by Progressives), do "unsafe" things
 (as defined by Progressives), buy "poor" goods and services  (as defined by Progressives), believe the unscrupulous  (as defined by Progressives), and just lead lives unapproved by Progressives.

So after nearly 250 years of the noble experiment in government and society where each person is expected to lead a life he or she wants, it is failing or has failed.  The United States Government has become the centerpoint of all decision-making in our country.  Our individual freedom of choice has been replaced by the collective obeying of mandates, dictates and rules by the federal government. 

The fears of the Founding Fathers and authors or the seminal example of the Rule of Law: the United States Constitution have come true. 

What can be next?

One of two things.  Revolution a la 1776  or the First Civil War which will become the Second Civil War or an oppressive oligarchy or dictatorship. 

Tracing the movement of virtually EVERY law from inception to today and they follow a well-worn path of well-meaning answers to problems through more and more stringent regulations.  One law can not sunset after accomplishing its mission since a bureaucracy of support will have gathered behind it.  Jobs are at stake.  Money is at stake.  Power is at stake.  None are EVER given up -- or at lease rarely -- peacefully.  So where our federal government is today it will be larger and more oppressive to individual freedom tomorrow.  It is as inevitable as day and night, life and death.

What can be next? 

Power and the Second Civil War

Power. That is the goal. The Progressives know how to gain and retain it.  To them, nothing else counts. That goes for the Progressive media as well. Republicans are still caught up in right and wrong, individualism and capitalism-- political campaign-losing attributes. And they do lose.   A constant secular decline since the Presidents Roosevelt.  There you have the answer to most everything political in America today. 

The Progressives know how to use their power to gain even more power. The electorate for the most part is kept ignorant (after being made ignorant by a Progressive-leaning educational system) by a Progressive media and entertainment industry.   Voters are kept focused on abortion, gay stuff, the White Advantage and a hatred of the unfairness of  "profits" -- their measure of good (no profits) and bad (more profits) -- while the Progressive bureaucrats are strangling the so-called, now former, free markets with minute regulations over every breath we take. The electorate spouts "war on women", "rights", "fairness", "consumer protection" and so on, while their (our) very freedoms are constantly being stolen from us.  Our individual freedoms to make unwise decisions, buy what we want, get hurt and be imperfect are taken from us and given to the vast Progressive-government monstrosity to collectively administer over us. The Rule of Law -- where rights and wrongs are written down as laws to be followed by all of us (relatively) equally -- has been bypassed by spur-of-the-moment and wildly arbitrary "trust me it's for your own good" dictates mandated mostly by unelected, government-protected deeply-partisan human beings.   

It is over. The Second Civil War, bloodless at least, has been lost. Progressives have successfully segmented Americans into separate factions to gather a majority (something understood by our Founders who now-unsuccessfully attempted to diminish by a carefully-constructed political system).  Progressives now own the country.