Sunday, April 21, 2013


FEDERAL GOVERNMENT EMISSIONS PROJECTIONS ARE WRONG!  The Obama Department of Energy projected that carbon-dioxide emissions would continue increasing to crisis levels.  WRONG!  After reaching a peak in 2007 carbon-dioxide (CO2) emissions have plunged.

Why?  Free enterprise and the resourcefulness of U. S. entrepreneurs, investors and its oil companies have led to the invention of so-called FRACKING (hydraulic fracturing of rock miles below the earth's surface to release oil and gas).  Without any assistance from the U. S. Government.  In fact, the U. S. government and Democrat-party led state governments have tried to cripple fracking through burdensome regulation.  New York State prohibits fracking completely.  Republican-party led states encourage fracking.  Now it is thought that the U. S. can be foreign-oil free in a decade.

In 2005 19% of U. S. power -- primarily electricity -- came from natural gas (NG).  New discoveries from fracking drilling have lowered the price of NG and subsequently increased its use in U. S. power to 30%.  Coal use has dropped.  Coal produces far more carbon-emissions (CO2) than NG -- double.

CO2 emissions have dropped by 706 million metric tons in the U. S. -- 12% -- from 2005 through 2011.  Obama's Department of Energy projected an increase.  (And they run our lives???)

NOW the Obama Department of Energy has changed its tune.  NOW it projects (wild guesses obviously) that the 2007 peak won't be reached again until 2040!  Oops, only three decades off.

So what?  This means nothing since the rest of the world could care less: emissions have increased world wide by 15% from 2005 through 2011.  The stupid United States of America is spending uselessly hundreds of billions, perhaps trillions, of dollars that could be used for growing the U. S. economy and reducing unemployment and taxes.  But no, that is not President Obama's desire.

And these so-called elites are tightly managing every aspect of our lives.  WHY?

Sunday, April 7, 2013


I am seventy years old so I went to the doctor.  It took him an hour to peruse the 150,000 pages of Medicare regulations, 10,000 pages of ObamaCare regulations, and 25,000 blank pages of ObamaCare regulations to be invented.  He used his government-financed supercomputer. When finished he turned to me with the diagnosis. "You have to die now." I looked a little shocked.  And actually felt a little uncomfortable, being only seventy.  He said, "Under ObamaCare you are a massive burden on society as a whole.  You are too expensive.  Stop being so selfish and only thinking of yourself.  And don't worry, it'll be humane. It'll only hurt a little more than capital punishment since there's no "cruel and unusual punishment" in ObamaCare regulations that my computer could find."  Then he added, "That'll be $100 copayment."