Thursday, July 3, 2008

First Practice

"These are the times that try human's souls, or if we don't have them, minds." These words were lifted and rewritten from The American Crisis, Tom Paine (1776). I intend to write comments mostly discussing articles from newspapers and other random probably politically-oriented material. To me this is a time that truly try us. I believe our country -- our way of life, which is increasingly being copied by other countries which want to increase the standards of living of their citizens, and their own wealth and power -- is under attack from those very persons who have benefitted from it. These are the people who are unable, for whatever reason, are unable to succeed in our free-enterprise system, and try to gain success and power through other means within our free-enterprise system.

I strongly believe that most people act according to their own perceived self-interest and those those who are truly "altruistic" number maybe five hundred in our country of 304,394,060 (estimated 6:36 PM EST June 21, 2008). And I don't know any of them. Now I don't mean those who state they are, but those that truly are. Well it's noon here in Seattle and time for my union-mandated lunch break. Maybe more later today, maybe not. This is, after all, a first practice run.

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