Monday, October 6, 2008

The Sting


The Sting: The U. S. House of Representatives "supporting" President Bush's bill proposal by Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson with relatively minor changes. I believe Speaker Mrs. Pelosi orchestrated its failure to pass, by keeping enough Democrats voting against it. But certainly there was an outpouring of desire to reject the bill by Americans. The House's rejection caused the little crash -- 777 points, in the stock market which immediatley struck fear in Americans reinforced by the Leftish "popular" media coupled with the conservative talk show hosts. In this environment of fear and panic, Senator Majority Leader Harry Reid introduced the "saving" Senate Bill of "Rescue" (not a "Bailout" which was identified as an unpopular term.) It was full of billions of dollars from the Democratic wish list -- "pork" -- (which a week before could not have passed the House and would have been vetoed by Bush). For a full discussion of the bill, see my blog, "Who's to Blame, Part II. The Senate passed it, with a full-on press from the Liberal Press, and frightened and naive Republicans; Then the Senate skipped town, forcing the House to pass it or...or...or else (the threat of a another, bigger crash in the stock market); so even most Blue Dog (conservative) Democrats and many conservative Republicans went against their conservative beliefs and voted for it in the face of such manufactured pressure. It was a brilliant feint by Pelosi with an effective ambush by Reid: Republicans and conservatives, as usual, didn't know what hit them. And the stock market fell, anyway, Tomorrow I think it could crash, but one might wait until after Election Day.

What do we have? The worst day in U. S. History. I believe history will show that October 3, 2008, was worse than Black Friday (the '29 crash), Pearl Harbor Day, and 911. It will be the end of America as it was conceived and built.

We might just have put 1/2-Trillion dollars in the hands of a junior senator from Illinois with socialist tendencies and a demonstrably-corrupt Democratic-led Congress many members of which caused the "crisis". As a free-market, democratic society our time might be over.

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