Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Racism by president

President Obama has displayed for all to see the chip on his shoulder because he's half-black. He must be jealous of white-skinned people and want to hurt them (us). Without facts, he excoriated the police department of Cambridge, Massachusetts. Why? Because his good buddy, African American studies guru Gates (no relation to high-achiever Bill) said he was racial or is it racially? profiled. Obama's knee-jerk reaction was that his black friend was right and the white policeman was wrong ("acted stupidly").

I have been 100% right about the character (or lack thereof) of Mr. Obama. He apoligized to the world about America being a negative, power-mad, killing, unequal, greedy, polluting, war-mongering, racist country. He apologized for the way we won World War II. For Vietnam, for Iraq. But he did not apologize for his racist stand with respect to Mr. Professor Gates.

No more needs to be said.

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