Friday, October 2, 2009

Energy? Capit, Tradeit and Taxit, Damnit.

And yes central control and command of an economy leads to...disaster.  Most of the U. S. Government-"sponsored" (through mandates, directives and subsidies paid for by U. S. Taxpayers)  Ethanol producers have gone broke.  Now a new batch of "green" (for money) entrepreneurs are getting the shuttered plants on the cheap and turning them into biobutanol, a plant-based fuel that also can be blended into gasoline (with mandates, directives and subsidies paid for by U. S. taxpayers) and used to make plastic products like water bottles.  And yes, the market is driven by bureaucrats and Congresspeople in Washington, District of Columbia.

ENERGY?  This isn't about power for energy, it's about power over others by Democrats. Cap and Trade, the Waxman Markey (That's Henry Democrat from California and Ed Democrat from Massachusetts) climate change (nee Global Warming) bill: Capit, Tradeit and Taxit, Damnit.  A new oil industry study indicates the proposed bill would reduce refining capacity in the U. S. by 17% necessitating buying another nearly 20% of oil from other countries by 2030.

Or get this.  President Obams's far-left Secretary of the Interior, Kenny Salazar (apparently an Hispanic) apparently recently announced he'd cover one thousand square miles of virgin U. S. territory with those environmentally-sensitive and attractive solar collectors.  Nevada, Arizona, California, New Mexico and Utah.  Where are the "environmentalists?"  Now let's go with bird-killing wind turbines.  Fifty stories high.  Can't you envision their beauty covering the hills and canyons of America?  Whirling and killing? Well, to start Secretary Salazar wants 186,000 of them (according to this Wall Street Journal OpEd by Lamar Alexander, September 17, 2009, page A 21,  "Energy 'Sprawl' and the Green Economy") to cover a space the size of Rhode Island.   And to get all that energy somewhere 19,000 miles of high-voltage wires will snake around, through and over the plains of America.  Teddy Roosevelt would no doubt be proud, or puking. And, yes, as with everything Obama, it's all non-emitting and free.  God Bless the President.

Michael Fry of the American Bird Conservancy estimates that the U. S. wind turbine farm industry kills 75,000 to 275,000 birds a year.  ExxonMobil killed with its pollutants 85 birds which were protected under the Migratory Bird Treaty Act of 1918.  $600,000.  PacifiCorp, Portland OR, paid $1.4 million for electrocuting 232 eagles.  Over Altamont pass its wind farm gets a pass, killing 80 Golden Eagles a year and possibly another 10,000 mirgrating birds.  If the U. S. can squeeze 20% of energy from wind in 20 years, it can be expected to kill 300,000 birds.  [That's one bird per megawatt of power.  Those killing megawatts are ten times then megawattage produced now.]  if the Democrats want it, it's OK, regardless of laws.

But further in this article, wake up America!   The amount of land required to produce one million megawatt-hours of energy, enough for 90,000 homes, from various sources:

Nuclear - one square mile
Geothermal - 3
Coal - 4
Solar - 6
Wind - 30
Ethanol and Biodiesel - 500

Oops, those pesky facts.

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