Tuesday, January 19, 2010


It is D-Day for the Leftist, collectivist, social justices...the Democratic Party.  From nowhere, a
Massachusetts state Sen. Scott Brown a conservative Republican is neck-and-neck with Democrat
Martha Coakley, Massachusetts Attorney General.

Did I write that Brown is a Republican?  And the seat "belongs" to dead Ted, former U. S. Senator-for-life (which ended with his death) Edward Kennedy.  Oh, did I write that Kennedy owns the seat?  I guess maybe not, since a Republican --- Oh, did I write that Kennedy the supposed-seat owner was a Democrat?  -- might obtain the seat from Ted's estate and its representative, AG Coakley.

And flying in as savior, President Barack Obama parachuted into Massachusetts to save the day for the Left.

Will he achieve his saviorship or will Coakley croak?

Stay tuned.  It is only 9:11 AM PST...There's much time left before the election is over and the results known.


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