Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The issue of the conservatives (sic) versus the Progressives (sic)  is not ideas -- conservative or progressive (sic) -- it is power. For the most part the Left has it because the arms of communication, the media, the educational system is under the spell of the Left. Propaganda Power leans left.

Then there's the 88 major union bosses and myriad trial lawyers put into power and riches through legislation who in turn shower the proceeds of legislation (monopoly dues extraction and class-action settlements) into the Democratic Party which writes.

The Right has been busy creating companies, jobs and prosperity allowing the Left to use that wealth to gain and retain power. The Right tends toward modesty and restraint, the Left anything but. So the Left will do anything for that power, and does. We have a president that will stop at nothing to be reelected, using the entire asset base of the United States of America, lawful or not, he cares not, since power and "truth" is in the hands of the winner.

The terms "conservative" and "progressive" are inaccurate.  The so-called conservatives do not want the status quo of union boss power, a huge centralized government, dictatoral powers by the president and entrenched politicians.  The so-called Progressives are not progressive, they have the power and want to keep it using any means available, including dividing the population into discrete groups and showering each with something for which they'll vote in the Progressives

The Right has to change to win this Second Civil War, the second internal war for the survival of the United States and that for which it stands.  It needs to keep to its ideals, but become winner-take-all fighters for truth, justice (equally for all no matter wealth or nose color), and the American Way.

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