Sunday, November 25, 2012

We've lost the greatest country in history

Nothing is funny about the election or the demise of rational, "conservative" thought. It is tragic. But inevitable as I have been saying for years. The Republican/conservative movement has been playing on the so-called Progressives' playing field and to their tune and always responding, never leading.  Defending from Progressives, never attacking.   Romney had all the ingredients for winning. Except balls. Progressives win by catering (and giving) to union bosses and trial lawyers. Romney said what about this? Happiness is supposed to be each of us pursuing it as we individually wish, not how Progressives demand. (Go out and work for a non-profit, help the homeless, Progressives say. But more lives have been saved and enriched by U.S. entrepreneurs getting "selfishly" and "greedily"rich selling stuff like pharmaceuticals, computers, software and cellphones.) Romney defended the magnificent good business has done for the world how? We legislate saving species of little bugs; liberals go out and rescue sick and abused dogs, but kill millions of human fetuses. Romney said what?  After the election was over, Romney blabbed something about Obama doling out goodies to special -- and especially ethnic -- interests.  After the election.  After!   He is so afraid of what the liberal NFM (non-Fox media) will say or write, he doesn't stand up for much of anything. Ditto all chickensh** Republicans.

We have lost this wonderful country. Like the Jews of WWII, the princes of Russia, we do nothing and lose the greatest country in history; they only lost their lives. I am glad I am 70 and don't have three decades to go through.

America     I cry for you!

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