Thursday, July 4, 2013

Pleasure or Responsibility? It's a choice.


Some women disregard their responsibility.  First by choosing momentary sexual pleasure, or that of her partner, without regard to her becoming pregnant.  In all likelihood it's because she knows she can have killed any fetus who might be created and become living inside her womb.  It is Choice.  That of sexual pleasure over responsibility.  Then she has another choice when she chooses her own freedom from responsibility with no regard to the future of what her fetus might become.  Steve Jobs?  Ted Bundy?  A general in the Army?  An electrician?  A school teacher?  A identity thief?  A happy individual?  Doesn’t matter, the pregnant woman will choose to kill the real or potential human being.  Him or her gets no choice.  It is her choice of her selfishness over her choice not to give any choice to her fetus.  Another individual gets no choice.  Sure argue a fetus is not a human being.  Maybe, maybe not.  But he or she will probably be one.  He or she will probably be a human being.  One choice eliminates another choice.  LiberalProgressiveDemocrats argue that Republicans have a "war on women".  Republicans simply want choice allowed for a tiny, unprotected potential human being who can't vote.  (A death for a vote: that's fairness for you!)
Unfortunately Republicans don’t frame the argument this way.  And they lose elections, and they lose, and they lose, and they lose, and they lose, and they lose, and they lose.  And an inexperienced man with a modest intellect but good voice and a rabid ideology gets elected president.

And that is the end of the United States of America into which you I was born.

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