Monday, February 16, 2015

The problem of the Republican Party

The crux of Republicans' problem is that the Democrats act as one.  The media supports whatever the Obama administration, working through its lead spokespaper, the New York Times, tells them to say or write. Most of the other Democrats fall in behind.  Any outlier is ignored.  NOT SO with Republicans. The radical viewpoints of nominal Republicans (now that the Tea Party has been vanquished by the far-left) are announced repeatedly and loudly as the word of the entire evil Republican Party. We all know that truth is nothing the LiberalProgressiveDemocrats care about, winning is everything! Since "religion," along with anything homosexual, pervertsexual or any other sexual and abortion are gigantic trigger words, they are used relentlessly against any Republican who even thinks of them and are identified as belonging to the Republican Party as a whole.  It is lucky -- certainly not strategy, of which there is little -- that Republicans win even one election.

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