Friday, June 12, 2015

The End is Nigh: the Rule of Law and Private Property

President Obama some months ago declared the Corinthian Colleges guilty of fraud.  No indictment, no trial, a diktat. The Department of Education went along (naturally, he's the boss!) and withdrew new student lending to its students. The result was Corinthian's bankruptcy, students stranded and hundreds of instructors, administrators and janitors added to the unemployment lines.  No trial, no defense, only what the president (of the Democrats) arbitrarily wanted: the destruction of for-profit companies.  At the first of his term he took student lending out of the hands of all private sector companies, again arbitrarily by diktat,  the Megaphone of the Left piles on: the New York Times and its tentacles plus the Alphabet of Propaganda: NBC CBS ABC AP MSNBC PBS NPR. They parrot their beloved Leader and label the students as "defrauded" arbitrarily.  Investors in Corinthian lost all their investment.

LiberalProgressiveDemocrats are eliminating the Rule of Law, one of the strongest foundational elements of the United States of America, and the concept of private property, the bellwether of capitalism.  Obama despises and doesn't understand either, having never touched either in his real world!

The End is Nigh.

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