Monday, November 16, 2015



Well, Republicans and Democrats disagree, Left and Right disagree, Progressives and conservatives disagree.  And factually no one knows actually who those killers carefully planned to kill in Paris.

But. It seems clear that actions speak louder than words (read that, President of the Democrats, Barack Obama) and that the actions played themselves out in Paris last week. 134, give or take, died. But truthfully that many are killed perhaps daily in Syria, and other geographic places in the world. 300 this year in Baltimore, but that's less than one a day, nothing for politicians to care about.

I feel that those crazy (according to Western civilization), misinformed killers can be stopped but, if not, Hitler-, Stalin-. and Mao-like they will keep killing. Is starvation or gassing any better or worse than having your head dismembered by sword? I have never tried either and hope I never will be in that competition. But also they are dumb to kill themselves along with others. Odds are they all will be dead and no one will visit the virgins sitting on the ***** of Allah. Those clearly are Muslims that are misinformed and dumb, but many people die daily from them. I personally would like that to stop. But stopping takes leadership.  I believe that America is the only country that (hopefully) can lead in such an endeavor.

But if they -- the Islamic Killers -- are dumb so are our politicians. Obama wanted to degrade them. Huh? Degrade the degraders? But then he sends a few safe drones and jetplanes and far, far more words, carefully vetted for Legacy. But I know there is a way for civilization to win. Depends of course of the meaning of win. But it will need to be a physical event or events, words will never harm me. (As my parents more or less said innumerable times) or them, the Islamic killers. (And stop thinking ISIS, ISIL or whatever and think Islamic Killers, IcK.)

So, Americans stop thinking Legacy, stop with the enemy being your political opponent, stop saying our greatest threat is the weather heating up (huh?) or that compromise or friendship with those fellow human beings that do not think in the same book, same page as we do, is possible. Could anyone convince Hitler to back off? Or Mao that collective socialist farming is a good idea? Or Josef Ivanovich Stalin (or whatever his name was) that his buddies didn't want to overthrow him? Or that a black American president pretending to be a Christian can convince the zealots of Iran to do any damn thing?

GET REAL, get together (and Obama stop with the low handicap search for a while) and truly spell out all the possibilities of what could happen over the next year and how to counter each variable. Difficult? Sure. Does it contribute to one vote or any Legacy? No. Will some Americans disagree? Most certainly. But about war, the experts actually can make some good choices if allowed to.

ALLOW THEM. And Mr. Democrat, it will take much concentrated study, thought, back and forth conflict that debate is and and end point:some strategy. Allow them, your advisers, to advise and get rid of political advisers who run your government, like Val-J! And listen, think and decide.

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